Antonio Orvieto

  • Matrix Calculator




    This web application will give you all the information you need about the matrix you are writing. All information are justified. - DETERMINANT - RANK OF THE MATRIX - INVERSE OF THE MATRIX - A BASE OF THE KERNEL - A BASE OF THE IMAGE - SURJECTIVITY - INJECTIVITY Enjoy your linear algebra! AOS...

  • The Circle Killer




    - The Circle Killer is an arcade game where the only purpose is to avoid the contact of two circles, killing them by tapping on the screen. The further you go, the faster becomes the spawning time of the circles, making this simple, nerdy, lackadaisical game as addictive as a drug. You will...

  • Useless Cat




    I am a cat. I'm useless but I'm pretty cute.

  • Fortune telling dice




    Roll the dice, see what's going to happen!

  • Moose Call




    A funny app that allows you to call a moose wherever you are! (provided of course that you are in a cold country)

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