• Simple Radio Recorder

    Simple Radio Recorder




    A simple player / recorder for internet radio with thousands of radio stations worldwide. new feature Chromecast Radio: Google Chromecast support - now you can cast all stations to chromecast devices. The support for cast the recordings is coming soon. Including: - record internet radio...

  • Simple Run

    Simple Run




    Whether running, walking, jogging or cycling . Simple Run is a useful fitness helper with integrated Internet radio. features: - tracking and storing your personal tracks. - show track and current track position on Google Maps and Street View - Speed ​​and distance will be announced during...

  • Carfinder - Where is my car

    Carfinder - Where is my car




    "Car Finder" helps you if you forget where your car or your bike is parked. this car locator includes: - sync your positions across multiple devices / users - Easy to determine the car position - Navigation via Google Maps, Google Streetview or Google Navigation - Photographs of the...

  • Antropia Radio for 1.6

    Antropia Radio for 1.6




    Antropia is an internet radio player with thousands of radio stations worldwide. This is special version for android 1.6 user, normally you should choose "Simple Radio" player. Search for "Antropia Simple Radio" on the market and you will find it. Find answers to comments...

  • Antropia Radio

    Antropia Radio




    Antropia is an internet radio player with thousands of radio stations worldwide. important note: the further development of "Antropia Radio" leads to a new player called "Simple Radio", you find it with the search-phrase "Antropia Simple Radio" on Google Play. the...

  • Windkraft-Journal News

    Windkraft-Journal News




    Das Windkraft-Journal veröffentlicht Nachrichten aus den Bereichen der erneuerbaren Energien. Dazu gehören besonders die Themen aus der Windkraftenergie ( Windenergie, WKA ), Onshore, Offshore und Kleinwindkraftanlagen. Ferner teilen wir unseren Besuchern Neuigkeiten aus den Bereichen Solar...

  • Shop Navigator (inside)

    Shop Navigator (inside)




    Are you also tired of running, crisscrossing the supermarket, because you just do not know anymore where is the milk, or just the shopping list is sorted incorrectly? this helps the Shop Navigator, the shopping list with integrated route planner for the supermarket. Set once the sites in the...

  • No Net

    No Net




    this app tracks and shows connection problems around your current location. With the "No Net" search, you can find problem-reports of other users nearby. If you have network-problems just yourself, it's very easy to report this to "No Net" and takes only a few...

  • Trip Tracker

    Trip Tracker




    The Trip Tracker is a simple tool to make quick notes on a trip. Whether as a diary on holiday or as a journal on a business trip. By the automatic determination of location and time can be the Trip Tracker versatile use. Including - Subdivision of a journey into individual events -...

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