Antti Brax

  • Track Timer




    A simple stopwatch for timing track cycling and other events. Features: * Timer. * Lap times. * 10 second audible countdown. * Control timing with device volume buttons. * Sharing results with the world. Volume up starts and stops timing and volume down records a lap time.

  • MockGPS


    App for mocking a GPS location. Can also mock a situation where GPS does not provide location information (e.g. registers provider but does not provide location updates).

  • Dice Thrice




    A puzzle game inspired by Triple Town. Place dices on board. When three or more similar dices are connected, they are merged to one dice and free up space on the board. Game ends when the board is full. Free game. No limits. No loading. No pay to play.

  • VPCX Timer




    A timer for cyclo-cross race organizers. Enter contestants, race duration and start race. Press buttons when contestants complete laps and the app keeps track of results. Send suggestions for improvement to e-mail.

  • GPS Logger




    This application logs GPS data to a CSV file on the memory card as it arrives from the phone's GPS device. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not a "sports tracker." Data is written to folder "/Android/data/". Load the files to a spread...

  • Maha FREE




    Remove groups of colored blocks in a manner of strategic excellence. Score great points for removing larger groups. Do not let the simple graphics and gameplay fool you: mastering this Tetris-like game is very difficult. Network access is needed for displaying ads. If you don't like it, you...

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