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  • Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro

    Hide Pictures - Hide It Pro




    Hide Pictures ,Videos, Applications, Messages , Calls in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED version. Now in apple AppStore too. Follow the link below or search Hide it Pro in the App Store Like us ? Hit the +1 button....

  • Attachments [Gmail Attach]

    Attachments [Gmail Attach]




    Did you know you cannot attach any file other than pics and videos with your email ? Now with the help of this app you'll be able to send your friends and family anything, be it a music file , a office document or a android application, you'll be able to select any file from a in built...

  • Addon #1

    Addon #1




    A application locker plugin for Hide it Pro aka Audio Manager app Allows you to lock application , so people without password cannot access the locked apps. eg. lock Facebook , Whats app , Twitter , Gallery , Messages etc. applications. Now when you try to run these apps , you'll be...

  • Audio Manager

    Audio Manager




    This is same as the Audio Manager aka Hide it pro application on your phone except that this version has no ads You may uninstall the one with ads before you make the purchase You should try the ad free version before you buy

  • Plugin : Web UI

    Plugin : Web UI




    Web UI is a plugin for Hide it Pro app which lets you browse your vault photos and videos from your computer. Note: This plugin can only be launched from inside hide it pro app (v 2.9.5 and above) Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Web UI You can Create photo/video albums View...

  • Audio Manager - Plugin

    Audio Manager - Plugin




    Plugin to hide icon of hide it pro from Application Drawer. There is no icon for the plugin in app drawer , and it cannot be launched from outside hide it pro app. How to Use ? Works with Hide it pro version >= You must be using Pin Type of lock screen Whitelist this plugin from your...

  • VBrowser





    Browser plugin for Hide it pro app Features : Incognito browsing Bookmarks Directly save images to the vault

  • 7.0
    20000 Awesome Jokes

    20000 Awesome Jokes




    Read thousands of jokes and add them to your favorites

  • Drinks Master : Drinks Recipes

    Drinks Master : Drinks Recipes




    Learn thousands(12000+) of recipes for making Cocktails, Shots , Punches, beer and even non-alcoholic drinks like coffee , tea , milk shakes etc. This app shows you the ingredients required ,method , how to serve You can also search by ingredient or by title of a drink. You can add drinks to...

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