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Your Bon Appétit Diet Profile

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is a leading expert on nutrition and obesity in France. He has helped people around the world achieve their weight loss goals through his clinic and his best-selling books, which have been translated in at least 10 languages. Now, you can enjoy Dr. Cohen's expertise for free by taking this diet profile. In just two minut…

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IQ Test - Calculate Your IQ

Calculate your IQ in just a few minutes and compare yourself to the rest of the population. For example, Albert Einstein was well known to have a superior IQ, over 160. This test allows you to calculate your own. The test we offer was carefully prepared to evaluate the intelligence level of individuals.

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Balance Your Life

A happy life is a balanced life. To achieve balance, you must feel satisfied in the 8 different aspects of your life, illustrated in the Wheel of Life. If you need introspection, this application allows you to evaluate the current state of your life. You might be surprised to know that you could be more satisfied than you think. Or, on the other h…

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Bon Appétit Diet

Your Bon Appétit Diet is now even easier to access on your mobile device. As an app exclusive, you’ll get the Enhanced Diet Journal: take pictures with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s camera and upload them to log your meal. Your dietitian will personally take a look at your meal and tell you how well you are doing, or give you tips to improve.…

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Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Chrononutrition is one of the pillars of the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet program that allows you to totally balance your life. It guarantees effortless weight loss and stabilization across the board. By following my Chrono-Geno-Nutrition program, I will teach you how to identify your bad eating habits. Eating better is about consuming the proper f…

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The Parisian Diet

Take the Parisian Diet with you, anywhere you go. The Parisian Diet mobile app is a handy tool to let you follow your weight loss diet with ease. Users of the Parisian Diet online program by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen can follow their daily coaching program on their mobile devices: - Read the daily sessions - Watch the daily coaching videos - Refer to…

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