• Angel Sheep vs Wolves Lite

    Angel Sheep vs Wolves Lite




    The sheep have escaped and the wolves are circling. Can you get the sheep back? Warning a highly addictive physics based game. Release the sheep and guide them safely through each stunning level to the pen. Includes 5 levels. Get down to getting your farm back to normality. Build a bridge to get...

  • Angel Sheep vs Wolves

    Angel Sheep vs Wolves




    The sheep have escaped and the wolves are circling. Can you get the sheep back? Warning a highly addictive physics based game. Release the sheep and guide them safely through each stunning level to the pen. Play through the 30 beautiful levels. Get down to getting your farm back to normality....

  • Jewel Thief FREE

    Jewel Thief FREE




    Diamonds, rubies emeralds, collect them all. Jewel Thief is an exciting game where jewels fall from above and you catch them. Easy – or is it? Things are not quite what they seem! To click and collect or not – that is the challenge? How long can you last in this frantic action game? Try it before...

  • A Mirror

    A Mirror




    A versatile and free mirror. No frame to reduce viewing area. Choose your background color for best reflection. A mirror, an essential app. This can also work as a flashlight.

  • Shredder Challenge

    Shredder Challenge




    Can you piece back together a shredded piece of paper? Think you are good at puzzles, sudoku and jigsaws why not try this? Restoring the shredded paper to reveal the message. Works best on tablet. A new innovative puzzle that tests spatial awareness, shape matching and gives your brain a true...

  • aShare - over the air sharing

    aShare - over the air sharing




    aShare – a new way to share your pictures and files. Just tap, hold to push files between phones and tablets easily with no cables, no computer, no set up, no copy and paste, no hassle.Over the air sharing Automatic discovery of all devices on your network for file share, copy and view using...

  • Penguins vs Polar Bears

    Penguins vs Polar Bears




    You are returning penguins to the pole, you must guide them safely through. However polar bears have come from the other pole to hunt penguins. Can you protect them? Are you up to the challenge? Get playing today with 30 levels. It is a game you just wont be able to put down. Penguins, the...

  • pocket guillotine

    pocket guillotine




    Can you escape the guillotine? Fingers will roll? Test your reactions against the sharpest blade! The blade speeds up and you get points for how close to the blade you get before chickening out. How long can you stay ahead of the blade? The guillotine is a device used for cutting fingers of...

  • Celeb News QBook

    Celeb News QBook




    Want all the great Celebrity gossip in one page turning application? Get the QBook. QBook gives a fantastic book style interface to display content that matters to you. Find out information like which celebrity is going out with another, latest celebrity fashion, celebrity weddings and marriages...

  • BBC News QBook

    BBC News QBook




    Want great BBC news in a stunning page turning way? Get the QBook to see all the latest headlines,features and articles in this fantastic book interface. Every page populated with information from the news feeds. QBook provides an intuitive animated book interface to this content allowing you to...

  • Technology News QBook

    Technology News QBook




    Want all the great tech news delivered in a stunning book page turning way? A 21st century interface for 21st century news, get this great QBook. Pulling news you care about from great sources like engadget, techcrunch, Gizmodo, wired, CNET and many more the QBook interface gives you relevant...

  • Android Revenge

    Android Revenge




    Did you know your device is powered by a little android bot? Want to meet? Unleash the power of the androids! Open up your mobile phone to reveal the true Android inside. Play mini games. Act as a god in your Android's world and dish out revenge on non-Androids. Android Revenge is an...

  • UK Tax Estimator

    UK Tax Estimator


    Estimates a household's tax contribution based on simple proxy data. See both direct tax such as income tax, national insurance and council tax whilst also get an estimate for indirect tax including VAT, alcohol and tobacco duty, and fuel duty.

  • Android Telnet Client Pro

    Android Telnet Client Pro




    Requires Adobe Air The ultimate in fast easy to use telnet clients. Android Telnet Client Pro can connect to any port on any address. You can use it to debug tcp connections, play online text games like rpg games. With many more uses this is an essential utility for any device. Simple...

  • Math Quotes

    Math Quotes




    God not only plays dice. He also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen. -- S.W. Hawking To those who do not know Mathematics it is difficult to get across a real feeling as to the beauty, the deepest beauty of nature. ... If you want to learn about nature, to appreciate nature, it...

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