A.P. Papoon

  • Sloth Soundboard - The Goonies




    Ultimate Sloth Soundboard from the 80's classic movie The Goonies. This soundboard is user friendly and includes your favorite sayings from one of the coolest and weirdest icons of Spielberg Era of films. You get great quotes like, "Hey You Guys!!", "Mama, You Been Bad.",...

  • Shut Up Soundboard




    Awesome SHUT UP Soundboard featuring several different and funny ways to tell somebody to shut up. Some of your favorite shut up moments in movie history including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sheriff Buford T. Justice, Samuel Jackson, Ben Stiller, and many others. This app is new and I will add more...

  • Weird Science Soundboard




    The Ultimate, High Quality, Weird Science Soundboard App featuring quotes from one of the funniest 80's Movies by John Hughes. Free soundboard allows you to save these awesome quotes and sounds as Ringtones and Notifications. You've got all of your favorites from Gary(Anthony Michael...

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