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    Lie Detector Prank

    Lie Detector is a mobile fingerprint reader simulation app that makes it appear as though you can detect lies with your device. Simulates a thumbprint scan and then gives a polygraph reading. You can customize the response and other aspects of the app in order to play pranks on your friends and family.

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    Download Monster Detector Prank Monster Detector Prank icon
    Monster Detector Prank

    Monster Detector is a fingerprint scanner app that scans your thumb print and then, based on your readings, tells you which monster you are! This app is much better than sitting down and taking an online quiz to determine which monster you are, because the results are instant! Are you a ghost or a vampire? A werewolf or a dragon? An orc or Fran…

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    Download Death Scanner Prank Death Scanner Prank icon
    Death Scanner Prank

    When will you die? This app will tell you! Take the guess work out of your fate, and take your future into your own hands. You will be able to prepare for the rest of your life after using this app. Scans your fingerprint and reads your future. This latest release of Death Scanner fingerprint scanner has fun new options that will allow you to play…

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    Download Crack My Screen Prank Crack My Screen Prank icon
    Crack My Screen Prank

    Crack My Screen is the ultimate broken screen prank game from Ape Apps! Don't be fooled by the rest, get the best! Guaranteed to make your friends and family think they broke your phone! Watch their faces and laugh as they break your Android device. Pull the prank on your parents and you may even get a free new phone out of the deal! An am…

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    Download Animal Detector Prank Animal Detector Prank icon
    Animal Detector Prank

    Animal Detector is a fun and free fingerprint scanner app that tells you what animal spirit is living inside of you based on your biometric fingerprint readings! You can even share the app with your friends so that all of you can have the confidence in knowing what animal rages within you! How many times have you looked into the mirror and, altho…

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    Download Fingerprint Luck Scanner Prank Fingerprint Luck Scanner Prank icon
    Fingerprint Luck Scanner Prank

    Fingerprint Luck Scanner is a fun and free finger print scanner game that tries to detect what your luck for the day will be based off of the biometric readings from your fingerprint scan. It is sort of like a fortune telling or horoscope app except based off of the individual user rather than astrological signs. This latest version of Luck Sca…

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    Download Gender Detector Prank Gender Detector Prank icon
    Gender Detector Prank

    Gender Detector is a high tech futuristic fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine your gender based on your thumb print scan! Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait for the scan and calculation to complete, and see what the app thinks your gender is! Gender Detector is for entertainment purposes only, and does not actually sca…

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    Download Blood Alcohol Scanner Prank Blood Alcohol Scanner Prank icon
    Blood Alcohol Scanner Prank

    Warning: Please follow all alcohol laws in your area! Have a little too much to drink? Good to drive? Don't get behind the wheel without first consulting Blood Alcohol Scanner! This is a fun gag app that scans your fingerprint and tries to determine your blood alcohol content. Great joke for parties, or for starting up a conversation with the…

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    Download Stun Gun Stun Gun icon
    Stun Gun

    Simulate a Stun Gun or Tazer with your Android device! Simply hold your finger on the screen for an amazing stun gun effect. Being attacked by intruders? Fear not! Just whip out your phone, pull out your stun gun app, and send them to the ground! Ok, this app can't actually shock anybody, so I wouldn't suggest trying to use it to defend…

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    Download Electric Shaver Prank Electric Shaver Prank icon
    Electric Shaver Prank

    When you are ready for the cleanest, closest shave possible from an Android device, you need to download Electric Shaver today! Picture it. You are out on a date with ( insert lucky lady name here ) and you suddenly noticed that you missed a spot on your shave. You have to take care of it before she notices and suddenly gets a headache and ends…

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