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  • Facial Recognition Lock Prank

    Facial Recognition Lock Prank




    Facial Recognition Lock is a free high tech futuristic facial recognition locking system for your Android device. It will lock your phone and keep unwanted people out. To unlock, the app simply scans your face and verifies it with the database. If you pass, your phone is unlocked. Facial...

  • Ocean Slot Machine

    Ocean Slot Machine




    Ocean Slot Machine is a fun and free Las Vegas casino style slot machine game with a fun ocean theme! Place your bet and line up the various cute under water animals to win top prize! And the best part it, it's totally free! No losing money like in a real slot machine! I am frequently...

  • Deimos RPG

    Deimos RPG




    Deimos is an old school style roleplaying adventure game for Android based on the Level Up! RPG engine. You and a team of Marines must travel to the Martian moon of Deimos and investigate recent events at a science station. Progress through the game by making choices, fighting and killing...

  • Rate My Looks

    Rate My Looks




    Rate My Looks is a prank app that you can use to fool your friends. We have all been through the age old back and forth with our peers, arguing about who is the most attractive. Now you can finally put the argument to rest with this app. Look into your device's front facing camera and tap...

  • Bed Bug Scanner

    Bed Bug Scanner




    If you are a frequent traveler, you need this app! Bed Bug Scanner is a handy scanner app for the detection of bed bugs. Simply start up the app, aim your device at your bed, and tap the screen to scan. Bed Bug Scanner is a fun prank app and is meant for entertainment purposes only. It does...

  • Free Cat Sounds

    Free Cat Sounds




    Cat Sounds is an awesome free soundboard app for your device! Features multiple cat and kitten sound clips and effects. Perfect for cat lovers, or playing pranks on your friends! It's also really good for driving your pets crazy. Just play the sounds to your cat or dog and watch them go...

  • Ant Squash

    Ant Squash




    Ant Squash is a fun free game where your objective is to use your finger to smash as many ants as you possibly can. If you love ant smasher type games, you will love Ant Squash. Don't let the bugs take over your house. This free game will cure hours of boredom, guaranteed. Ant Squash now...

  • Christmas Sounds

    Christmas Sounds




    Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas Sounds from Ape Apps! Christmas Sounds is a fun and free Christmas and winter themed soundboard app filled with fun Christmas sound effects and clips for children and adults of all ages! You can even set up the sounds as fun Christmas ringtones! -...

  • Vibrator





    A classic vibrator app for your phone or device! This app is for ladies (or gentlemen too) who like things the classic way. Do you guys want to give your wife or girlfriend a special gift with your phone? Then this is the perfect birthday present! Boyfriend out of town on business? Why let...

  • Halloween Slot Machine

    Halloween Slot Machine




    A fun Halloween themed slot machine game! While the kids are out trick or treating, get into the Halloween spirit by playing this addicting slot machine game. The best part is, unlike Vegas, you won't lose any money! - Hours of slot machine fun! - Realistic sound effects will make you think...

  • Impact





    Impact is a fun and free arcade space shooter game set in the future on the moon. Asteroids clone. A barrage of Asteroids falls from the sky and you must shoot them down by firing missiles at them. Tap on the screen to shoot a missile. Watch out so you don't overheat your missile...

  • Insult Generator

    Insult Generator




    Is your bro raggin on your but you can't think of any good comebacks? Fear no more, Insult Generator is here to help you! This is an amazing app that combines random words together to create new and original random insults! Impress your friends! Win fights! Get the girl! All is possible with...

  • Lucky Slot Machine

    Lucky Slot Machine




    Lucky Slot Machine is a fun and free game modeled after a Casino slot machine. The slots have a fun luck theme! You play the slot machine by first setting your bet (in 5 dollar increments) and then tapping on the spin button. If the slot machine matches two symbols, you win double your bet....

  • Fail Sounds

    Fail Sounds




    A fun joke or prank soundboard app featuring multiple fail sound effects, including fail trumpets, trombones, and buzzers! You can use the sounds as your ringtones or play them in infinite loop mode! Are you tired of being surrounded by complete failures? Are you fed up with epic fails...

  • Love Compatibility Calculator

    Love Compatibility Calculator




    Here is the scenario. You have had that special someone in mind for days now and you are finally building up the courage to ask them out. This could be the beginning of love or it could be the beginning of shame. It's a risk we've had to take your centuries. Well no more. Next time...

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