Ape Widgets

  • Age Scanner Prank




    Age Scanner is a free high tech futuristic fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine how old you are based on your thumb print scan. Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait for the scan and calculation to complete, and see what the app thinks your age is! Features include: -...

  • Fingerprint Lockscreen Sim




    Fingerprint Lock Screen is a simple lock screen app that can lock out button input on your android until you scan your thumbprint. There are also scan speed and other customization options. Meant for entertainment purposes only. Features include: - Realistic looking scan tray and scan bar -...

  • Binoculars Simulation




    Binoculars uses your android camera and full digital zoom to simulate a binocular effect. You can also take pictures and save them to your SD card. By far one of the best binocular apps around. This app simply shows you a preview display from your rear facing camera with the digital zoom...

  • Guess My Weight




    Guess My Weight is a free novelty app that tries to guess how much you weigh based on a mock facial scan. The app is meant for entertainment purposes, and is not to be used as a replacement for an actual scale. It is great for gags and parties, or for impressing the ladies at the club. Unless...

  • Under Water Vision Simulation




    Simulate under water vision on your Android! Did you ever wonder what it looks like when you open your eyes underwater, but you are afraid of the water so you never found out? Never fear, now you can just get this app instead! Impress your friends! Subdue your enemies! Get the girl! All...

  • X-Ray Vision Prank




    X-Ray Vision is a fun and free app that uses your devices rear facing camera in conjunction with various overlays and camera effects to simulate the ability to use your phone as an X-Ray scanner. You can use the app to take and save x ray vision pictures to your device. As an added bonus, you...

  • Love Pictures




    Take adorable love pictures with this app! Uses your phones front facing camera and an overlay to produce sweet images of you and your significant other. Make the best scrapbooks in town! Enrich your life! Get the girl! All is possible with Love Pictures!

  • Night Vision Simulation




    Activate Night Vision on your phone! This app is a Night Vision Goggle simulator for your Android. It utilizes your rear facing camera with a green monochrome tint and full exposure settings to simulate a night vision goggle experience. Try it out! And leave suggestions for improvements!...

  • Sniper Scope Simulation




    Sniper Scope is a fun app that simulates a sniper rifle scope on your Android Screen using the camera and a graphical overlay. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your land is being invaded by foreigners, this app might come in handy. Makes a shot firing sound when you tap the...

  • Retinal Scanner Lock Prank




    Retinal Scanner Lock is a high tech free retinal scanning device that locks your phone for you. Then, to unlock your device, you look into the retinal scanner, tap the unlock button, and the device will scan your eyes. If it is a match, it will grant you access. If not, your device will remain...

  • Moustache Me




    Give yourself an awesome mustache with Moustache Me! Uses your front facing camera and graphical overlays to give yourself a sweet stache. Use it to try one on before you go through the trouble of growing one! Save the pictures to your phone to share with your friends or post them on Facebook!...

  • Magnifying Glass




    We live in a world of fine print. Why strain your eyes to the hill and risk early eyesight loss or even blindness? Now there is an app that will save your eyesight AND bring the small into focus: Magnifying Glass! Magnifying Glass is a handy utility app that uses your phone's rear facing...

  • Guess My Age Prank




    Guess My Age is a fun and free app that uses your device front facing camera to take a mock scan of your face and then tries to determine how old you are! Guaranteed for hours of non stop fun and excitement! How many times have you been out and about and somebody asks you how old you are and you...

  • Zombie Cam




    This app uses your android's camera to take inverse color blood stained zombie pictures. Make your friends and families look like they are in the zombie apocalypse! Comes with multiple adjustments and multiple blood splatter overlays, so the zombie picture taking fun will never end! Take...

  • Air Raid Siren




    Air Raid Siren is a free and epic soundboard app featuring many high quality stereo sound effects from tornado and air raid sirens. Includes siren sounds from around the world! Prank your neighbors into thinking there is an incoming air raid! Use the sounds as ringtones also! Sounds include:...

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