App and Mobile

  • Location Spoofer - FakeGPS Pro




    Spoof your phones location with a fake GPS. Select anywhere in the world and spoof your address! Location Spoofer gives you the latitude, longitude and exact address of your chosen location. Select any address in the world using the map, even view in satelite mode. Displays a status bar...

  • Flash Light




    Flash Light Torch for Android. Effective bright white light from your phone. Flash Light is free.

  • Bluetooth Scheduler




    Schedule your Bluetooth status ON/OFF at a set daily time. Bluetooth Scheduler enables Bluetooth to be turned on or off every day at a time that you set. Bluetooth Scheduler is free.

  • Wifi Scheduler




    Schedule your Wifi status ON/OFF at a set daily time. Wifi Scheduler enables Wifi to be turned on or off every day at a time that you set. Wifi Scheduler is free.

  • Photo Locker Pro


    Keep private photos private! Protect your gallery pictures with a password and strong encryption. Photo Locker enables you to password protect individual image files from your photo gallery and sdcard. Images are also encrypted to ensure nobody can view them. Protected photos display in your...

  • Network Alarm


    Network Alarm monitors your mobile network and alerts you when you loose network connectivity. If you loose connection, go out of signal range or wander into an area where the mobile signal is blocked - Network Alarm will alert you. Simple to use -Start network monitor -Stop network monitor...

  • Phone Tracker


    Never lose your mobile phone again, easily keep track of your phones location - anywhere in the world. Phone Tracker enables you to activate your phone if you have lost it or it has been stolen, receive automated SMS messages updating you of your phones current location. Set a tracking...

  • Improve Your ESP


    Test and improve your ESP (extrasensory perception) ESP cards or Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extra-sensory perception. Now you can use these cards on your Android mobile to train your brain and special abilities. Have you ever thought about someone only for them to...

  • Password Manager Pro




    Password Manager Pro for Android Store all passwords in one place and use just one master password to access them. Store and manage your online and offline passwords, option to auto generate random passwords. Keeps your passwords secure - Totally ad free

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