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  • Excel Export Import Contacts




    RapidXL makes managing your contacts fun and easy New Phone? No problem! RapidXL makes it easy for you to move to a new phone. Rapid Excel import/export tool (Now includes PDF backup) Manage your contacts in table format Want backup of your contacts? Export your contacts to well...

  • Hair Fashion




    This is a fashion app which provides a wide range of hair styles for both men and women from a variety of international hair styling standards. This is a fun app which gives u a whole bunch of images from different hair stylings around the world and from different age, color and complexion group...

  • Digital Signature




    Do you want to digitized you signature? and signing files without printing them? then Digital Signature is the app you are looking for . With Digital Signature you can digitized your signature or your friend's signature and use them lately to sign files. You can sign Images and PDF files. ENJOY

  • Do Not Disturb




    We offer a way to avoid distractions when conducting important activities. Don't let your phone take over your life. Let our application manage your communication while you handle other pressing things in your life. Texting and driving is dangerous. Let our app manage your communication until...

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