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  • Photo Grabber Image from Video




    Freeze Frame allows you to grab images from video, ideal for that shots of me selfie or for capturing kids and pets that won't stay still. Images can then be saved or shared via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Freeze Frame is an easy to use frame grabber to capture images from video. Simply...

  • Freeze Frame - Photo Grabber




    Freeze Frame is a simple to use frame grabber that allows you to capture the best action shots from video to save or share via Facebook or Google+. Simply select a video, seek through to the chosen moment and click capture. Freeze Frame creates a frame bundle to your specifications. You can even...

  • Quick Clip (Free)




    Quick Cut provides an easy way to cut a smaller clip from a video. It can also be used to trim the start and end of a video when taking video alone. Start and end points can be quickly set, before exporting the new clip to your SD card. ***** NOTE ***** If you encounter any problems with the...

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