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  • Japanese-English Dictionary

    Japanese-English Dictionary




    Online Japanese-English free dictionary. It includes words, kanji, sentences examples (from Denshi You can also find word of the day and kanji a day (with 4 levels) sections. The dictionaries are also interlinked so that you can check what the kanji in a word mean individually or...

  • Free French Dictionary

    Free French Dictionary




    Complete set of tools to learn and work with the French. With 95,000 French words with definitions, synonyms (using, French verb conjugation verbs with more than 12,000 yy grammar ( and online translation of the French language to English or Spanish through...

  • The Free Dictionary - French

    The Free Dictionary - French




    Unofficial App The Free Dictionary French ( Free online dictionary, which includes dictionaries such as medical, legal / financial and legal or several languages ​​besides French, including English, Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese. Encyclopedia also included. Now with...

  • The Free Dictionary - German

    The Free Dictionary - German




    The unofficial App Free Dictionary German ( Free online dictionary, which includes dictionaries such as medical, legal / financial, and legal or several languages​​, including Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Japanese. It also has a set of encyclopedia and...

  • Swedish Dictionary Free

    Swedish Dictionary Free




    dictionaries included: definition: English and Swedish definitions synonyms: English and Swedish Translation between: - Swedish to English - English to Swedish - Swedish to French - Swedish to French         - Swedish to German - Swedish to Spanish - French to Swedish - German to Swedish -...

  • The Free Dictionary English

    The Free Dictionary English




    Unofficial App The Free Dictionary English (,, thefreedictionary) Free Online Dictionary - Multiple dictionaries, including: - Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian dictionary -...

  • Free Spanish Dictionary

    Free Spanish Dictionary




    Unofficial app The Free Dictionary - Spanish(, Free Online Dictionary - Multiple dictionaries including: - Of languages: Spanish dictionary, English, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian. - Other: medical...

  • قاموس عربي Arabic Dictionary

    قاموس عربي Arabic Dictionary




    Arab researcher : Arabic . English baheth, download dictionaries Free access to Arabic Dictionary San Arabs Language Standards Asahah language Ocean dictionary Alabab rich San Arabs San Arabs is the most comprehensive dictionaries of the Arabic language and the largest , the son...

  • Vietnamese Dictionary Free

    Vietnamese Dictionary Free




    Vietnamese dictionary frre uses VDict Dictionary, VDict (Vietnamese Dictionary) is the best and totally free Vietnamese-English-French Online Dictionary You can perform lookup for a word in all dictionaries simultaneously. VDict currently supports 9 dictionaries: -...

  • LastArab. Movies, Music, Games

    LastArab. Movies, Music, Games




    أحدث الأفلام والموسيقى والألعاب والبرامج التلفزيونية، والرياضة (كرة القدم والمصارعة) : قراءة للمواقع التالية افلام عربي, افلام اجنبي, افلام, تحميل افلام, مصارعه, اغاني, كليبات, برامج كاملة, احدث الالعاب : Arabseed, ماي ايجي لتحميل احدث الافلام العربي و الاجنبي و تحميل احلي الاغاني...

  • القواميس العربية الحرة

    القواميس العربية الحرة




    Unofficial app almaany ( dictionaries. It includes several languages: arabic, english, spanish, french, portuguese, american english, as well as names meanings, Synonyms & Antonyms and a glosary.

  • Free Spanish Dictionaries

    Free Spanish Dictionaries




    Free Dictionaries have the following: The Free Dictionary Definitions Spanish (es.thefreedictionary). Includes several as medical, legal / financial and legal or several languages​​, including English, French, Portuguese or Japanese. Also encyclopedia. Wordreference with definition, synonym...

  • Femminile Reader

    Femminile Reader




    alfemminile, applicazione non ufficiale. La rivista femminile online: astrologia, bellezza, sessualità, forma, test, quiz, moda, tendenze… Consigli degli esperti, funzioni interattive... e i famosi forum di alfemminile per discutere! Sezioni incorporati: News: con le news di...

  • The Free Dictionary

    The Free Dictionary




    Free Online Dictionary (from, which includes dictionaries such as medical, legal, acronyms, idioms or several languages ​​besides English, including Spanish, French, Portuguese or Japanese. Encyclopedia and also has sections that are updated every day (as the word or article...

  • Spanish-German Dictionary Free

    Spanish-German Dictionary Free




    Unofficial app myjmk ( Free Dictionary Spanish German. 140000 Translations! Translation Help Forum irregular verbs irregular verbs word suggestion feature irregular verb myjmk, german spanish, spanish german, verb, irregular verbs, dictionary, language, translation, translator,...

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