App Heads

  • Magic ball




    Magic ball application is a fortune teller entertainment application that gives you answers to questions when you shake the phone or device. shake the phone to get your answer or press the menu button and shake to get the answer to your question. See changes note below… Shake and get your...

  • Black jack 21




    Black jack is a fun game of 21. This game is very easy to play and is a great game if you need something to pass the time. Instructions are included in a how to option under the options menu. 21 card game, perfect! - Play and challenge the house in a game of 21. - Features hand reset and re...

  • Ringtone factory




    Create ring tones from your favorite music right on your phone or any android device! Makes almost any music file into a ringer sound, notification sound or alert. Works just like a computer ring tone maker. adding new features soon, upgrade will be free to customers, the new version may cost a...

  • Say it, widget




    Say it or speak it, is a widget that when the widget is active it will announce the name of who is messaging or calling you. It’s a simple widget that you can touch to enable or touch again to disable. The Say It widget can be placed on any screen. See more options. remember it is a widget not...

  • Screen light




    Screen light is an application for those that cannot use the LED on your phones camera as a flashlight. Also for those that do not want to use the camera led in case it can cause damage, our flashlight is the screen and will not damage the device. The screen light or view light uses a very...

  • Medication alarm clock




    Medical alarm clock is designed to help you manage medication. You can manage your doctor's appointments schedules. The medication alarm clock and doctor appointment reminder features many options. Once you setup an alarm tap, touch or press the schedule you made for more options and to...

  • Photo slide show




    Slide photo widget is a slide-show of your photos and comes in 3 sizes for the widget. Our photo widget allows you to pick a photo or image directory or file on your sd card on your phone or tablet. The widget will play the photos and images like a slide show. you can customize all the...

  • Notepad professional




    Notepad for Android is a simple but very useful application to create and maintain notes on your Android phone or tablet, group notes in folders or make direct notes on the go. Create notes for Grocery lists, Errands, or to just remember something such as an address or anything. * Saves notes...

  • Fast find




    Fast find application lets you find anything on your phone fast and also lets you access what you where looking for. Use gestures, voice, speech enabled in settings or type your search. Fast find will find almost anything on your device. More options available under the menu settings. once you...

  • Landscape wallpaper


    Landscape wallpaper application has more than 50 high quality landscape images to set your phone background with a view thats perfect and looks like you are really there. just install, scroll and select your wallpaper. change it anytime to one of the more than 50 other landscape views. * 50 and...

  • LED Flashlight




    LED Flashlight is a simple but very useful app for all android phones with an LED light on the Camera. LED Flashlight lets you easly turn on or off your camera led light for use as a flashlight. For your (SAMSUNG) Search for App Heads Samsung Flashlight. ◊ No ads or annoying banners. ◊ Free...

  • Golf score card




    Golf score card, a great new Android application for creating and managing a golf score card. Golf score card lets you customize the name of the golfer, how many golfers are playing, set how many holes there are on the course you are playing. Now you can also email your score card using the...

  • Flip silence




    Flip silence (mute) is a great application and includes a widget. When flip silence is active all you need to do is turn over your phone to silence it. Great for when at work and need to silence a ringing phone. Allows you to turn the phone back over to activate the phones sounds again. Flip...

  • Fast budget




    Fast budget is the complete application that guides you to track and order of your spending and keep to a budget. fast budget can easily keep your total income or available money and your total expenses for a current time or cycle, including which expenses you are spending the most money on and...

  • Digital Clock




    Digital Clock is for Android phone's or devices and is a widget. This clock will show the date, Location and the current Weather for your area. There are No settings for you to have to mess with. The Widget gets your location from your Mobile phone and shows the weather from wifi or a 3G...

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