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Kids ABC 123

Kids can use their fingers to paint on touch screen with sound. “Kids ABC 123” app also helps kids to learn, pronounce letters of the 26 alphabets and numbers in a easy way. Kids can memorize the alphabets and numbers easily. “Kids ABC 123” app has 'Next' and 'Previous' button along with a color palate for picking different colors.…

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Download How to Draw Flowers How to Draw Flowers icon
How to Draw Flowers

Choose favorite flower and follow the steps and start drawing. This application contains different kinds of flowers that you know mostly. its helps how to teach your child to draw. *** What Activities Included *** * How to draw lily * How to draw orchid * How to draw rose * How to draw cherry blossom * How to draw tulip * How to draw Pansies * Ho…

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Download How to Draw Cute Animals How to Draw Cute Animals icon
How to Draw Cute Animals

How to draw cute animals is a collection of tutorials for drawing cute animals. Its includes step by step instruction. Each animal drawing includes 6 to 8 steps and showing completed drawing filled with color. Its good way to learn drawing with funny and interesting way for all the peoples. *** What Activities Includes *** How to draw: El…

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Download How to Draw Cute Birds How to Draw Cute Birds icon
How to Draw Cute Birds

How to draw cute birds is a simple application that will teach you to draw some cute birds through easy steps. Also children’s can learn name and color of the bird. Each drawing contains 7 to 8 steps. *** What Activities Includes *** How to draw: Parrot, Duck, Owl, Penguin, Stork, Crow, Bat, Robin, Birds etc..

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Download Kids Color Fill Kids Color Fill icon
Kids Color Fill

Kids Color Filling is a free entertainment application for all kids and childrens. Its contain different types of pictures and can fill different colors on it by using fingers. Its support Phones and Tablets. *** What Activities Included *** * Different Image can select from gallery button * Fill different colors over the images. * Delete Canvas…

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Download Flower Show Flower Show icon
Flower Show

Flower Show is a puzzle game, drag adjacent flower to create same line of 3 or more. It contains colorful different flowers which you will love. *** How to play *** Drag and move same type flowers same line, minimum 3 same flowers should match for getting point, if you match more than three same flowers also get bonus point tips like bomb, cleari…

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Download Kids Drag And Drop Kids Drag And Drop icon
Kids Drag And Drop

Kids drag and drop app contain can drag and drop animals, vehicles, birds names over the matching pictures. This is a funny game for kids and can learn names of the animals and objects. *** What Activities Included *** * Drag and drop name over the image. * With Point - Tries and Matches Keyword: Drag and drop, Matching Game, Animals, vehicle,…

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Download BMI Calculator BMI Calculator icon
BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator can calculate your Body Mass Index and you can notify underweight, in normal weight or over weight according to your height. also included Average Height to Weight Chart ( Babies to Teenagers ) and Height to Weight Ratio Chart for Adults. *** Features *** * Can Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index). * Colored Graphics Results * Female He…

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Download Christmas Gift Christmas Gift icon
Christmas Gift

This is a puzzle game that you can get Christmas gift from Santa Claus. Who earning more Christmas gift from Santa Claus will get more points. *** How to play *** Drag gifts to near to same type of gifts. Match 3 or more same type of Christmas gift to get points. The same two Christmas gift together with less than three straight lines can be elimi…

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Download Kids Memory Match - Flip Card Kids Memory Match - Flip Card icon
Kids Memory Match - Flip Card

This app is great for any age, just you have to flip the cards to reveal a matching pair by using fingers. Its contain Flowers, Fruits, Birds and Animals. Its also a Brain & Puzzle game. * This app will improve kids' memory skills * Will develop their concentration * will develop kids' cognition skills * will help with the recognition…

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Download Coloring For Animals Coloring For Animals icon
Coloring For Animals

“Coloring For Animals” specially developed for children. This app has21 different types of animals with sound. “Coloring for Animals” apps kids can fill the color from color button and each animal making own sound. so kids can study each animal sound. This apps surely likes your kids. “Coloring for Animals” included animals like Bear, Camel, Cow, D…

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