App Wranglers

  • Sink The Fleet


    Avast, ye mates! Sink The Fleet is a exciting, fast paced game for the buccaneers among you. Requiring a keen eye and a fast finger, it will test ye mettle. Just double tap the screen to aim and fire. The game wrap up will keep the top ten scores and who made them. Ahoy ye landlubbers, come...

  • Treasure Chest




    Avast ye, mates! Treasure Chest is a fast paced, object matching game where speed and accuracy win the day. High quality graphics and sound enhance the experience. Loot to be gathered includes gems, gold and silver coins, gold nuggets, jolly rogers, pirate maps, and treasure chests. The game has...

  • Ballot Boxing




    Everyone enjoys a little candidate bashing now and then. Ballot Boxing is the safe and fun outlet for this urge. Punch the candidates’ buttons before they disappear without touching the background (there’s a penalty). Ten buttons takes you to the next round which increases the value of each...

  • Who Said That?


    Who Said That? is all about animals and the sounds they make. Pets, farm animals, wild animals, birds, and water animals are all included. The app includes two games: one for younger children which uses only sounds and pictures, the second for older children, who are reading, includes sounds and...

  • United States' Coins


    United States' Coins provides a fun and exciting way to learn to identify all of the circulated from 1793 to present NOW INCUDING ALL GOLD COINS. All denominations are included from half cents to double eagles($20 gold). It offers great graphics and audio feedback with a flexible format that...





    ASTROGALLERY displays the wonders of the night sky by providing access to the more than 100,000 astroimages that have been uploaded to Flickr. The images are stunningly displayed 100 at a time. Individual images can be selected to be enlarged and their original Flickr webpage accessed if...

  • America's 50 States




    America's 50 States is a fast and fun way to learn the state flags, state birds, state flowers, state maps, state capitals and state nicknames for all fifty states. It offers great graphics and audio feedback with a flexible format that allow 3 or 6 choice quizzes and a concentration on...

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