• POI.NU




    This App4Buck app allows you to very quickly locate shops, camp sites, bars, beaches and other Points of Interest from (using the POI66 database). After finding a list of POIs in your neighbourhood you can select one and show that on the map or directly plan a route to it using the...





    This app will forward any received SMS on your (spare) Android phone to a user-specified URL on the web, which technically is an SMS-to-web bridge. This is used for websites that process incoming SMS messages but don't want to mess with all the text messaging details. ____________________ Use...

  • SineDroid - Power Supply Alert




    App4Buck SineDroid is an application that can be used to check power status of many appliances. The app detects changes in the external power of the Android phone (could be the 12V car charger, or a mains supply) as well as the phone battery voltage and decides to warn the user by SMS text...

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