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  • Bored Games

    Bored Games




    Bored Games is a game suite.

  • News Compass

    News Compass


    News Compass is the first app to navigate for the latest news from major world cities using the app compass radar. Point to the direction of a city, e.g. New York City, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, then tap on the aimed article to show the news. The augmented reality technology allows the...

  • World Paint

    World Paint




    World Paint is the first app that makes virtual graffiti possible. It is simply a location based drawing app. The user can also submit their artwork to the worldwide map for exhibition.

  • Ship Battle

    Ship Battle




    Ship Battle is a turn based strategic game involving logical thinking.

  • Job Bid Now

    Job Bid Now




    Job Bid Now is an app that lists a number of jobs in Hong Kong closest to the device that need to be done soon. It will allow the user to bid for the selected task from the list.

  • Arithmagic



    Arithmagic is an addictive game based on an intuitive and universal concept involving 5 one digit numbers on the left hand side and 4 arithmetic operators as well as a clear button on the right hand side. The goal of the game is to use the available buttons to work towards a random number before...

  • Parkour





    Parkour is a platform game based on freerunning.

  • Mahjong Race

    Mahjong Race


    Mahjong Race is a simulation of an ancient Chinese board game called Mahjong. It demonstrates how the game is being played out by four artificial intelligent players.

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