• 2014 New Years Countdown

    2014 New Years Countdown




    2014 New Years Countdown is an app that lets you keep track of the time left until New Years! New Years is a wonderful holiday where we celebrate the coming new year and leave behind all of our troubles and look for a new beginning. We make promises or resolutions for these new beginnings that we...

  • Trick or Treater Halloween App

    Trick or Treater Halloween App




    Are you ready for Halloween? With this app you will be! Trick or Treater is a Halloween app that lets parents track their kids while they trick-or-treat. But it doesn't stop there! Trick or Treater also lets you keep track of all your candy with the Candy Count feature and save and share...

  • Letters to Santa

    Letters to Santa




    Letters to Santa is an app that lets you create and send a letter to Santa Claus from your tablet or phone! Great for kids or anyone who wants to send Santa their Christmas list! With its easy to use User-Interface, you can fully customize your letter to meet your needs. Features include color...

  • Cupid's Valentines Playbook

    Cupid's Valentines Playbook


    Cupid has always kept his information on who loves who written down. But now, he's gone digital! This app gives you a sneak peek at Cupid's playbook! So, this Valentine's Day before you go getting gifts for the one you love see if they love you back! It's quick, easy to use, and...

  • Santa's List

    Santa's List




    Santa's List is an app that gives you a sneak peek at Santa's top secret Christmas list! You can take a look at Santa's list and see whether you've been naughty or nice. Quick, there's still time before Christmas, so, use this app to see where you stand on this list and adjust...

  • 2013 Christmas Countdown

    2013 Christmas Countdown




    2013 Christmas Countdown is an app that helps you prepare for the holiday season! It's Christmas time and December 25th is nearing closer every second, so, use this app to countdown until the date! 2013 Christmas Countdown allows you, not only to keep track of the coming date, but also to...

  • UFO Logbook Free

    UFO Logbook Free




    UFO Logbook gives you all the tools you need to become a UFO Hunter! Do you believe in aliens? government cover-ups? Then this is the app for you! UFO Logbook has an easy to use interface that allows you to take pictures, write down notes, and save your "Hot Spot" locations for future...

  • Words and Friends Hangman

    Words and Friends Hangman




    The NEW Words and Friends Hangman app is here! The most entertaining word game is now a fun, interactive and social application for your phone and tablet! Experience the fun for yourself and find out why everyone is talking about the mind-puzzling, friend challenging and score-gaining...

  • 2013 Christmas Backgrounds

    2013 Christmas Backgrounds




    2013 Christmas Background is an easy to use app that allows you to choose amazing Christmas pictures and set them as your background! The app also supports a feature to scale the image to the screen or keep it at its originally size. What better way to prepare yourself for the holiday season than...

  • Kings Drinking Game

    Kings Drinking Game




    Kings Drinking Game is an app of the amazingly fun and popular Kings game. If your having friends over and looking for something fun to do, this is the game for you! Kings Drinking Game is easy to use and is an endless amount of fun! This game features three different modes, including the...

  • Diss!





    Diss! the mobile application insult generator. Create, customize and share your own insults! Ever in need of a quick insult but to mad to think of one? Well, Diss! has you covered with its easy interface and efficient insult generator. This App provides a fun, hilarious and enjoyable experience...

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