• Google 4 Pros

    Google 4 Pros




    The Google 4 Pros App allows you to search in multiple Google Searchengines at once. Sometimes Googles Websearch just not provides what you are looking for. But you know maybe there is something about it on Youtube or in the News. Just type it in your Google 4 Pros App and see what Google or...

  • Ausgaben Tracker

    Ausgaben Tracker




    Verwalten Sie Ihre Finanzen professionell und effektiv mit der innovativen Ausgaben Tracker App. Wählen Sie einfach den zu verbuchenden Betrag mittels intuitiver Eingabe aus und buchen Sie Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben im Handumdrehen. Behalten Sie Überblick über Ihre getätigten und geplanten...

  • Calculator





    The Thumb Calculator allows you to use your Smartphone optimally for everyday calculations. The intuitive Userinterface is easy to use and increases your calculation speed.

  • Web Search Buddy

    Web Search Buddy




    The Web Search Buddy App allows you to search in multiple web search engines at once. That means you can easily search on Google, Wikipedia, Youtube or for News and Images in one App. You can also search in different Newssites like Yahoo News, Bing News etc. or Online Shopping Websites such as...

  • RegEx Web Analyser

    RegEx Web Analyser




    Evaluate Homepages with Regulare Expressions and create your own Mini Apps by simply using existing Images and HTML code of existing Websites*. Get the Data you need from every Website on the Web and rearrange the results as you need them. You can save your created Regular Expression Web Analyses...

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