• Age Calculator

    Age Calculator




    You can Calculate your age, You just have to Enter Your date of birth and the date upto which you want to calculate your age and you will get your Exact age. Developers:- Ashish Kumar Manpreet Kandara

  • Seinfeld Quotes!

    Seinfeld Quotes!


    Wise words from Kramer, Elaine, George and Seinfeld that we used to love are all here in this app. Copy and share them with friends easily. If you encounter any problem, mail or comment below. Enjoy!

  • Game of thrones encyclopedia

    Game of thrones encyclopedia




    This app is for those who are crazy for the GOT: TV Series yet Lazy to read the books. This is an offline encyclopedia of some houses. Future houses will be added. Enjoy!

  • Football Tards!

    Football Tards!




    This is the official app of the Football Tards blog! The application shows the web content of the blog. Also, you can see the RSS Feeds of the new post that are added in the blog. If the app is not working or you want to suggest any feature, mail me at Also download the...

  • Note-worthy!



    Sometimes creating simple memos or notes is what you need and nothing fancy! Note-worthy allows you to create very simple notes that are easy to create and easy to delete.

  • Helping Hand

    Helping Hand




    Help me out! app let's you contact your close friends in the time of danger. The app allows you to add as many contacts and/or emailID's as you want. The widget layout allows you to send message quickly. By pressing both the buttons in a span of 5 sec in the widget, the app will get...

  • RSS Feeds: Football Tards!

    RSS Feeds: Football Tards!


    The RSS feeds of football tards blog! Rather than visiting the site, you can now read the new articles with this app.

  • MAT (Music All Time)

    MAT (Music All Time)




    MAT (Music All Time) is a very simple application to play music stored on your device. With the most simplest user interface it is easy to use and does what it should.

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