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  • Twerky Turkey

    Twerky Turkey




    Awwww yeah time to see who can really twerk it! Twerky Turkey is droppin it low to some of the nastiest dubstep music you've ever heard! Just tap to twerk your way through a maze of speakers bumpin' heavy base! Awesome Game Checklist: Twerking -Got it Dubstep Music...

  • Tappy Rocket

    Tappy Rocket


    Tappy Rocket is a bouncy space adventure that has everyone tapping for their lives! Guide your rocket through a maze of planets, moons, and more! ☆ SIMPLE GAMEPLAY - Just tap to boost your rocket! ☆ UNIQUE SOLAR SYSTEMS - Navigate around a constantly changing maze of planets! ☆ HILARIOUS AND...

  • Floaty Ghost

    Floaty Ghost


    Floaty Ghost is a challenging fast-paced action game set in a spooky old mansion! Duck and dodge for your life through a maze of dusty old pillars and haunted floating chairs! ☆ SIMPLE GAMEPLAY - Just tap to float! ☆ UNIQUE MAZES - Dodge dangerous pillars of stone and floating chairs! ☆ SPOOKILY...

  • Flappy Firefly

    Flappy Firefly




    Flappy Firefly is a magical adventure through a dark forest that's illuminated by your buggy butt! Fly for your life through a maze of deadly bug zappers! ☆ ADDICTING GAMEPLAY - Just tap to flap! ☆ UNIQUE MAZES - Dodge dangerous glowing bug zappers! ☆ SUPER CHALLENGING - Try and keep your...

  • Flappy Bat

    Flappy Bat




    Flappy Bat is a high flying adventure through a mystical forest! Flap your way through a maze of overgrown roots that have taken over your home! SIMPLE GAMEPLAY - Just tap to flap like a bird! UNIQUELY GENERATED MAZES - Dodge dangerous giant roots that are always changing! RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT...

  • Flappy Cat

    Flappy Cat




    Take flight as the world's one and only flying feline, Flappy the Cat! Flap your wing just like a bird as you navigate your way through an icy wonderland to help Flappy fly over the rainbow! How to Play: 1. Tap to Flap! 2. Dodge the ice! 3. Don't die! The addicting new flying game has...

  • Flappy Turd

    Flappy Turd




    ***WARNING: This is the MOST challenging game ever made!*** Fly to freedom as Flappy the Turd! Flap your turds wings to bounce through palm trees just like a real bird! Play the funniest and most challenging game ever made! Simple Gameplay: 1. Tap to Flap 2. Dodge the trees 3. Dont splatter!...

  • Dubstep Mobile

    Dubstep Mobile




    ★★★ #1 Rated Dubstep App ★★★ Do you love dubstep? If you do then you have found your new favorite app! Dubstep Mobile is the official dubstep production tool of DJ's everywhere! Create wobble bass that will shake the walls and take your music production to a new level! All audio samples...

  • Tap Beats Dubstep

    Tap Beats Dubstep




    ☆☆☆ THE ONE AND ONLY DUBSTEP RHYTHM GAME ☆☆☆ Tap Beats brings you the classic rhythm game combined with the hottest trend in music today, Dubstep! The best tracks and the heaviest bass drops will shake your phone and rattle your brain! Tap to the beat, max your combo bar, and score insane...

  • Flashlight Tool

    Flashlight Tool




    In need of some light? Well illuminate your life wiht the new Flashlight Tool! Turn your phone or tablet's screen into a fully functional flashlight and find all new uses for your favorite device! PERFECT FOR: Getting the perfect amount of light when reading a book. A beautiful nightlight...

  • Reggae Music Studio

    Reggae Music Studio




    ✰✰✰THE #1 REGGAE PRODUCTION APP✰✰✰ Do you want to make reggae like a pro DJ? Do you have the rhythm but don't have the money for over-priced equipment? Reggae Music Studio is the hottest new mobile music production tool! HIGHLIGHT FEATURES: ✰ Over 125 total audio sample all in high-quality...

  • Tap Beats Reggae

    Tap Beats Reggae


    Tap Beats presents the next installment of it's hit rhythm game combined with the chilled out flavor of Reggae! Equipped with more bouncy baselines and laid back grooves than your device can handle! Tap to the beat, max your combo bar, and score insane points! AWESOME FEATURES JAM OUT WITH...

  • Tap Dance Studio Lite

    Tap Dance Studio Lite




    Tap Dance Studio turns you mobile device into a fully functional tap dancing stage! Just open Tap Dance Studio, lay your device on any flat surface, position your fingers on the screen, and be amazed as your ordinary hand becomes a tiny tap dancer! Tap Dance Studio includes over a dozen...

  • Tap Crush Fireworks

    Tap Crush Fireworks


    *** 50% OFF LIMITED TIME SALE *** Tap Crush Fireworks is the most explosive Match 3 Puzzle Game ever made! Celebrate your independence, max out your combo bar, and unleash a dazzling display of color and light! Tap any combination of 3 or more fireworks and set off a chain reaction of...

  • Tap Crush Jewels

    Tap Crush Jewels


    ☆☆☆ 50% OFF LIMITED TIME SALE ☆☆☆ Tap Crush Jewels is the most dazzling Match 3 Puzzle Game ever made! Embrace the bling, max out your combo bar, and collect a fortune in treasure! Tap any combination of 3 or more jewels and set off a chain reaction of destruction and special effects! Max out...

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