• Default App Manager Lite




    Default App Manager Pro now availabe on the playstore at : Default App Manager is a simple yet very functional app to manage (set defaults, clear/reset defaults) default applications for different types of actions that Android...

  • Default App Manager Pro




    Default App Manager Pro is an Ad-Free version of one of the most unique App Managers available on the Market. It is a simple app to manage default apps for different types of actions that Android does. This app allows to you to manage for almost all the common actions. It eliminates all the...

  • Faking News For Android




    ***** DISCLAIMER ******** This is NOT the official Android application for Faking News ( We are,in no way,associated with Faking News. The application uses RSS feeds provided by the website to bring the content to the Android device. We DO NOT fetch it from their website. We...

  • Tip Calculator Classic




    Tip Calculator Classic is a feature-rich unique Tip Calculator. It is one of the most attractive and best Tip calculators available on the market! Some of its features include: 1. Calculate Tip Amount, Tax Amount, Share Per Person and total amount at one go. 2. View a list of all possible tip...

  • Group Expenses




    Group Expenses is a smart easy-to-use group expense management application which can be used at any place where a group is involved, be it a trip to Vegas, a simple dinner party or roommates trying to track down their monthly shared expenses. It eliminates all the paper work and makes life much...

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