• hCG Diet + HD




    *** This is for Tablets only *** Do not Purchase on your phone. The Phone version is called HCG DIET + Our revolutionary hCG Diet App for the Android Tablet is advancing the protocol in a whole new way. We re-invented our hCG Diet App (while still accurately basing our features from Dr....

  • hCG Diet +




    A complete package that now tracks all of your diet phases from 1 through 4 and our “Life” phase. Our app is the first of its kind because we are the only hCG Diet company that has the ability sync all of your information (such as weight, measurements, notes and photos) with our online site...

  • First Teacher


    First Teacher is an application for teaching pre-school children a new language, or someone who is longing to pick up an additional language. As we know, learning begins right when we learn the alphabet. You will be able to see letter and hear the correct pronunciation of it. To make it fun...

  • Gourmet Low-Cal Video Recipes


    Phase 2 of the hCG diet can be a challenge with limited foods and amounts. The hCG Recipes app includes 50 amazingly delicious under 500 calorie meals with 30 How to Videos. The best part of this app is watching a video which shows you step by step how to prepare and cook these delicious low...

  • hCG Dieta




    La aplicación de la dieta HCG ayuda a cualquiera que siga la dieta de hCG para comprender mejor las reglas de la dieta y para planificar y realizar un seguimiento de su progreso  Pantalla de inicio diaria, marque las proteínas, verduras, ejercicio, agua, tostadas Melba y frutas. ...

  • hCG Diet




    Please see the BLUE icon with the sliced Apple. You may see it under our company name, Applicious. Features such as calorie counting (in each phase), reformatted interface, vegetarian meal options, first and only app to have hCG Cloud...

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