• Triceps Workout - Mass Builder




    Do you want to build mass on your triceps? This app consists of 5 mass building exercises for the triceps. These exercises can be done at home or at the gym with help of a pair of dumbbells. You can make it as hard as you want. Just use heavier weights. If you want more apps like this, let me...

  • Remove Acne Permanently


    Do you want to know how you can eliminate acne? In this e-book you will find: * All Natural Acne Remedies That Work * Proven Methods Of Treating Acne * Home Based Treatments & Remedies * Removing Acne Scars * Medicated Options * Hormonal Treatments * and more This book has 30 pages of...

  • Child Care Tips and How To's




    Do you have questions about parenting? Find your answers in this child care app. There are 9 important topics available at the moment: - ABC of breastfeeding - appearance of milk teeth - bathing and cleanliness - crying baby reasons - early detection of disease - sleep during childhood -...

  • Self Help Book




    Self Help Book Get yourself some help with various topics with this helpful application. The application contains several articles about self help, self power and how you can utilize it. Have fun with this app! These are the topics where we have written about: ACQUIRE POWER THROUGH SELF...

  • Belgium Beer Top 10




    Are you on vacation in Belgium and do you want to taste some of the best beers in Belgium? This is the app for you! A jury of 30 members were led by Professor Collin tested 210 Belgium beers. They were special beers of high fermentation or spontaneous fermentation. There were white beers,...

  • Stop Smoking Calculator




    Do you want to know how much you save on cigarettes? Well then this app is something for you. Quit smoking today. Calculate daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 10 years and even 50 years.

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