• Mosque Finder




    Peace upon you. With this app, you can find the nearest Mosque or Masjid to perform your prayers. This app is useful for travelers and anyone who is always driving due to their scope of work and other reasons. Benefit - Find the nearest mosque (be it you're in Germany, Belgium, Malaysia,...

  • Annabelle Challenge




    What would you do if you were to stand face-to-face with Annabelle? Play this game call Annabelle, where you are given a gun which can only kill Annabelle. Annabelle Challenge is about an agent who has been task to rescue a baby from Annabelle. The agent is equipped with a special gun that is...

  • Flappy Spaceship Escape




    In 2012, a UFO crashed on Earth and needs to be repaired just enough to fly. The pilot disguised himself as a human to work and to buy parts for the repair. After 2 years of progress, the spaceship is finally able to move, however not as fast as it used to and is shaky and flappy. That is how the...

  • Yellow Jumping Bird




    The all time favourite bird games free for android! The "Jumping bird"! Bird Bird is a small little chubby bird who is always hungry. Due to his love for food, he became so chubby that his body grows bigger than his wings. But for a growing bird, he needs to venture for food. Instead...

  • Metabolism Booster That Works




    Metabolism Booster App is a working metabolism booster tips that helps user increase their metabolic rate. If you are looking to lose weight, then you should download this right away. A person’s metabolic rate is a measurement of how fast their body burns calories which are, in turn, a...

  • Dealing With Loneliness




    Dealing With Loneliness is an app to help you learn how to cope with being lonely. There are many ways out there but what this app is offering is a very detailed method which is easy to understand and apply. One of the ways to deal with loneliness is Subliminal Messages. Dealing With Loneliness...

  • Resume Writing


    Resume Writing Cover Letters apps is a very detailed app on how you can make it successfully to your dream job. It is important to note that job employer has seen a lot of resume and you are to make it stand out. Forget about Resume Maker or Generator..the format is definitely very common for...

  • Household Tips for Everyone




    Household Tips for Everyone is very useful if you are really looking forward to a perfect home and good finance. It is also important to know if you have loved ones who have allergy symptoms Here are 10 household tips that will help keep your allergy symptoms at bay. 1.) Encase your mattress...

  • Bread Making Recipes




    The art of bread making recipes, if you follow closely, you will be able to bake your your bread! With a little twist you will be able to personalize and make your own bread recipes too! Once you get this guide, you will not just want to make one loaf of bread. In fact, you will want to make...

  • Improve Memory Games




    The Benefits of Genius Memory Game Many people in the world today understand the essence of physical exercises and some will hit the gym a few days every week. However, it is unfortunate that majority of the people will do little to exercise their brains .Young people in schools and colleges will...

  • Hypnosis Secret




    This app shares the secret behind hypnosis and you too can take the advantage of it once you get your hand on the apps. Get to know more about the THRILL of Hypnosis and how you too can hypnotize yourself! There is a practical session where you can try out! Here is a background of Hypnosis:...

  • Lose Weight Free Fast




    Lose Weight Free and fast. This apps will help you get that pretty looking shape that you desire. It teach you all the essential knowledge to lose weight free and fast. If you want fast results without any costly surgery, pills that are not really safe, exercise gears and expensive therapy, then...

  • Attract Butterflies




    Attracting butterflies to your backyard habitat and garden can be a simple and fun pursuit and does not require anything fancy or expensive to attract them. A butterfly garden or any open area with flowers that attract butterflies and provide food for the adults and caterpillars, a shallow...

  • Organic Gardening Avoid Cancer




    Organic Gardening which have less harmful chemicals can definitely avoid cancer. Organic gardening is on of those things which sound like a little hobby for senior citizens. As far back as I can remember, society would look at organic gardening as something which only hippies or so called tree...

  • Craft Ideas




    Craft Ideas is a simple app built to educate users. It may not be a fancy apps but it will give you some insights of Craft ideas. Download this apps for your reading pleasure! Crafting is one of the most popular hobbies and small businesses in the country. Not only does it allow you to produce...

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