• Butcher House - Ghost Stories




    Butcher House - Ghost Stories will catch you off guard and make you shiver. It`s a collection of unlimited ghost stories from users around the world. Enter the house to read stories, interact with readers in guestbook, look at the creepy mirror, listen to strange sounds from telephone, mix...

  • Zombo House - Role Play, Chat




    Zombo House is a free chat app that allows you to message and role play with anyone from around the world. In Zombo House, you can be who you are or play a role of zombie, vampire, ghost, demon, hunter and many more. Join thousands of members role playing in a horror theme environment....

  • Creepy House - Horror Stories




    Butcher House is the sequel to this popular app and is available for free on the market. It has more horror stories, more interaction, more pictures, more sounds, more mini games and overall scarier than Creepy House. For beginners, we recommend starting out with Creepy House as it's more...

  • Group Chat Yo ++




    Group Chat Yo ++ is the ultimate free chat app with plenty of chat rooms! You can chat, play and laugh in this app. This is a cross platform chat app that connects to all mobile devices including Android, Windows Phone and IOS. The best part about this is FREE for a limited time! Features: -...

  • Cupid House - Love Stories




    From the same team who created Butcher House, we present to you Cupid House! It's a love romantic theme app that focus on love stories, love poems, mini stories and love quotes. Features: - Daily lovely stories publish. - Guestbook for users to socialize. - All love content can be...

  • Iron Finger - Workout Game




    An average human being can tap a screen over 200 times within 30 seconds. Can you? Iron Finger is a free workout game that will test your finger to the limit. It incorporates speed and endurance. Do you have what it takes to be an iron finger champion? • Simple touch control to destroy blocks. •...

  • Historias de Fantasmas




    This is a Spanish Horror Stories app and is intended for people who speak/read/write Spanish. For the English version, please check out Tales from B.H. Terror Casa - Historias de fantasmas son colecciones de historias de Butcher House en idioma español. Características: ✔ 800 + historias de...

  • Secret Chamber: Paranormal




    First came Creepy House. Next came Butcher House. Now Secret Chamber is out! This is the ultimate free Paranormal Stories app created based on B.H. fans and users feedback. Do not let the title fool you because this app offers so much more than just stories! This app is a fusion of stories with...

  • Dark Secret Diary




    Want to express something? Want to let your emotion out without revealing your name? Want a cool awesome app that doesn't cost you a penny? Well, my friend today is your lucky day! For a limited of time only, we are giving Dark Secret Diary app for free! Join our community today to write,...

  • LMAO Pics - Funny Pictures




    If you are bored or have a few minutes to kill, this app is perfect for you! LMAO Pics is the ultimate free funny pictures with new photos added frequently. This app will make you laugh your ass off with a variety of pictures. Pictures categories range from failed pictures, WTF pictures, weird...

  • Tales from BH - Scary Stories




    Tales from BH - Scary Stories are collections of stories from Butcher House. You can read and create new stories at or through this app. Features: ✔ 1,000+ scary stories with categories such as personal experiences, urban legends, ghost & haunting, Japanese urban...

  • 60,000 Baby Names Community




    Hello parent, soon to be parent and everyone else! This app contains over 60,000+ baby names, meaning origins, community and new submission. This is the ultimate free android app with tons of baby names and constantly growing! Recently received Review's Choice Award. Features: ✔ Over 60,000...

  • Math Madness - 24 Math Game




    If you love Math or Puzzle games, you will love Math Madness. Math Madness is a free full version Math community that let's you complete against the world in 24 Math Game and Math Blitz. It brings Math fanatics across the world together to complete or socialize about Math. ✔ 24 Math Game -...

  • Urban Legends




    With over 150 Myths and Urban Legends stories, this app will take you on a journey like no other apps. Few stories are weird, shocking, funny and strange, but most are scary urban legend. When you are done with this app, try our scarier app CREEPY HOUSE for horror stories and mini games....

  • Scary Sounds and Ringtones




    Super easy scary sounds for free! Fun to play sounds wherever and whenever. Great sounds for prank on friends, Halloween event, fun to use as ringtone, notification or alarm. Features: ✔ Over 50+ sounds and more being added. Scroll through the list by sliding the screen up or down. ✔ All sounds...

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