• Wordcross




    *** Solve a new kind of crossword puzzle on your phone or tablet with this challenging word game! *** In WORDCROSS, you’ll boost your brain to a whole new level of intelligence! With each level, you’re given a grid of scrambled letters. Your task is to build those letters into a themed...

  • WordBubbles




    ----- A new kind of word game for puzzle lovers! ------ *** Swipe your finger across the “letter bubbles” to spell out hidden words! *** -------------- Can’t connect the letters? --------------------- Remember you have to solve the words in the right order! Are you a word search expert? Then...

  • Animal Riddles




    ***See how clever you are about animals with this fun riddle game!*** What do cats have that no other animal has? Kittens, of course! Find hundreds of animal-based riddles like this one in the free app, Animal Riddles! Some are easy and some are tricky, but they’re all about animals! See how...

  • 6.0

    Truth or Dare




    Spin the bottle to see who has to answer a truth or do a dare

  • One Pic Three Words




    *** Can you find the three words each picture shows? *** In One Pic Three Words, you will see a picture with a series of empty letter slots. The key to filling in those blanks? Look within the picture, and you’ll find three objects that can be spelled out from the letter bank. In other words,...

  • Funny Riddles




    ***Hundreds Of Fun Riddles! More Hilarious Than Ever!*** --- Finally! A FUN sequel to the #1 riddle app! *** Do you know what a chicken's favorite vegetable is? Why, it's an eggplant, of course! You have no idea how funny riddles can be until you've tried this hilarious free quiz...

  • Word and Picture Quiz




    ★★★ One Word, One Pic – Are you clever enough to solve each riddle? ★★★ - AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, DUTCH SWEDISH, DANISH & NORWEGIAN! - If you love puzzles, you’ll love Word & Picture Quiz! In Word & Picture Quiz, you’re given a word, an image, and twelve scrambled...

  • The American Quiz




    *** The American Quiz – the free quiz game on everything American! *** Okay world, it’s time to see how well you know America. Take the The American Quiz challenge, a quiz game all about US celebrities, movies, history, sports, and cultural icons! You might be able to remember who won last...

  • 5.0

    Photo Quiz: what’s the word?




    Write the word below and complete all the levels

  • Emoji Combos




    In EMOJI COMBOS, you will see a combination of emojis that clue you into a singe word or phrase. For instance, there might be an icon of a “car” and an icon of a “shower.” Combine the two clues, and you will find the correct answer: “carwash”! Some questions are easy and some are crazy difficult...





    *** The classic HANGMAN game is available on your Android device at last! *** Guess each word letter by letter to avoid a grisly fate... When you've mastered that, compete against your friends with two different game modes—challenge each other on Facebook or use our new, exciting...

  • Trivia Quiz




    ***Are You Really A Trivia Master?*** If you enjoy trivia games, then you know how it works: we provide the question, you provide the answer. Hundreds of questions from all kind of subjects: geography, history, culture, entertainment, sports, news etc. It starts easy, but soon gets harder . . ....

  • Song Quiz




    ***How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Musicians?*** So you think you know music? Test your knowledge with a music lyric quiz unlike any other! Use a single song lyric to guess an entire song . . . if you can! From the Beatles to Justin Bieber, the Beach Boys to Beyonce, this game has questions...

  • Emoji Quiz




    *** Famous people and characters shown as emojis! See if you can guess who it is! *** --- From the creators of the #1 apps Photo Quiz and Riddle Quiz! --- How good are you at face recognition? Find out with Emoji Quiz! With each turn, you will see a cartoon representation of a famous person...

  • Riddles




    ***Solve hundreds of mind bending riddles!*** Riddles enhance memory, boost brain activity, and improve concentration…all while you’re having fun! This is why our app RIDDLES is the perfect challenge! This game offers hundreds of free riddles, plus hints when you get stuck! Download RIDDLES now...

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