• 3 Words: Summer

    3 Words: Summer




    *** See pictures of summer fun & guess the 3 words that go with each one!*** Get back into summer – no matter what the weather’s like! 3 Words: Summer will take you to swimming pools, hot sand beaches, and sugary iced tea. You’ll see pictures of all those warm summer activities, places, and...

  • 3 Words: Geography

    3 Words: Geography




    *** A Picture Word Game + Geography Quiz!*** Is that the Taj Mahal you see? The Acropolis, Empire State, or the Great Wall? Can you guess three words describing each place? Test your geographical knowledge with this challenging word game! Each round, you’ll see a pic of a famous city or place....

  • Riddle Quest – 1,000 riddles

    Riddle Quest – 1,000 riddles




    *** 1,000+ fun and challenging Riddles! *** What has a neck but no head? What do horses live next to? What always was, yet never can be? …These are just some of the riddles you will encounter in RIDDLE QUEST, the funniest and most challenging riddle game ever! For each riddle you answer...

  • 3 Words: Cute Animals

    3 Words: Cute Animals




    *** Can you guess the 3 secret words associated with each adorable picture?*** Get ready for the cutest word game ever! If you love pictures of cute, cuddly animals, then you’ll love this version of 3 Words! For each lovable creature you see, you must guess the three secret words describing it....

  • Song Quiz

    Song Quiz




    ***How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Musicians?*** So you think you know music? Test your knowledge with a music lyric quiz unlike any other! Use a single song lyric to guess an entire song . . . if you can! From the Beatles to Justin Bieber, the Beach Boys to Beyonce, this game has questions...

  • The American Quiz

    The American Quiz




    *** The American Quiz – the free quiz game on everything American! *** Okay world, it’s time to see how well you know America. Take the The American Quiz challenge, a quiz game all about US celebrities, movies, history, sports, and cultural icons! You might be able to remember who won last...

  • Two Pics One Answer

    Two Pics One Answer




    ***Two pictures, one answer! Can you guess what it is?*** Bring a new kind of picture quiz to your device in the easy, family-friendly game: Two Pics One Answer! The game presents two pictures to players, who then must guess what they have in common. For instance, if you see a picture of a...

  • Trivia Quiz

    Trivia Quiz




    ***Are You Really A Trivia Master?*** If you enjoy trivia games, then you know how it works: we provide the question, you provide the answer. Hundreds of questions from all kind of subjects: geography, history, culture, entertainment, sports, news etc. It starts easy, but soon gets harder . . ....

  • 1 Word - a free quiz game

    1 Word - a free quiz game




    *** Can You Guess The Secret Word From Only A Single Picture? *** They say that a picture says a thousand words . . . but there's only one correct answer for each of these riddles! Guess the theme from the pic, and then rearrange the letters below to spell the secret answer . . . can you...

  • Quote Quiz - Who Said It?

    Quote Quiz - Who Said It?




    *** Guess the origins of hundreds of quotes, slogans, and song lyrics! *** As Heather O’Rourke said in Poltergeist, “They’re heeeere!” And yes, they’re here, three hundred quiz questions to see how well you know America’s oft-repeated quotes! Each challenge will provide you with a quote pulled...

  • Quiz Quest

    Quiz Quest




    *** Go on an adventure in this compelling Quiz Game, where every right answer means one move forward!*** Pack your bags – or at least your brain! When you download QUIZ QUEST, you’ll be downloading a first-class ticket to the most challenging quiz game ever! For each question you answer...

  • 2013 Quiz

    2013 Quiz




    --- WHO KNOWS THE MOST ABOUT 2013? --- *** THE PERFECT GAME FOR THE NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY! *** A lot of stuff happened in 2013! Do you remember what singer garnered attention for her "twerking"? What former NSA contractor sought asylum in Russia after leaking classified information in...

  • Christmas Quiz

    Christmas Quiz




    *** 4 pics, 1 word about Christmas! *** Christmas Quiz is LOADED with fun for you and your whole family! Spend this holiday season brushing up on your Christmas knowledge. Use all four pictures to figure out the secret word... Can you figure out “mistletoe?” How about “reindeer?” Find out today...

  • One Pic Three Words

    One Pic Three Words




    *** Can you find the three words each picture shows? *** In One Pic Three Words, you will see a picture with a series of empty letter slots. The key to filling in those blanks? Look within the picture, and you’ll find three objects that can be spelled out from the letter bank. In other words,...

  • Funny Riddles

    Funny Riddles




    ***Hundreds Of Fun Riddles! More Hilarious Than Ever!*** --- Finally! A FUN sequel to the #1 riddle app! *** Do you know what a chicken's favorite vegetable is? Why, it's an eggplant, of course! You have no idea how funny riddles can be until you've tried this hilarious free quiz...

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