Apps 4 Cancer

  • Screen flashlight


    Screen light is an application to light your way for android devices. Screen Light is a very useful. Your purchase will support a cancer patient and their familily members. We created this to bright and light up your screen and not harm your device in any way, as a matter of fact it cleans the...

  • Sound schedule


    Sound schedule is true audio and sound control system for scheduling your phone or tablets audio as needed. Using sound schedule you can plan your device and phones sounds or audio. If you need to turn down your volume during a scheduled time then this application is perfect for you. You can...

  • Solitaire games


    solitaire extreme is a solitaire, spider solitaire, 40 thieves and free-cell android card games all in one great easy to use solitaire game application for all android devices, including tablets. We created solitaire extreme for android to work great on all android phones, tablets and any...

  • Photo show




    Photo show widget will display a digital photo frame widget to show your photos and images in a custom widget you can customize the size and your images will be sized automatically choose from different frames and many other options. The widget can do slide show for all photos and pictures in...

  • Digital clock widget




    Digital clock widget is a great looking glass semi black transparent clock widget that can be placed on any screen. Once you install the widget add it to your screen by: To place on screen > select widget > select Digital clock. Make sure you have a wifi connection or 3G/4G connection...

  • Budget basic




    Budget basic is an android application, financial budget management application to assist and help you in creating and managing a budget without any hard to use features, in just a few easy steps you can start managing your budget. Always know what you have left in your account. Add a transaction...

  • Notepad




    Notepad is an android note taking application for all phones and tablets, supports all versions of android. Make a folder and place the notes inside the folder to help organize your notes in categories. Quickly view a note, edit a note or create a folder for a group of notes. Replace your pen...

  • Ball Blitz


    Ball blitz android game is a super fun and challenging game to draw lines up or down, left or right then try to box in the bouncing balls. When you reach an amount of the ball that are contained you advance onto the next level. When the ball has a collision with a line you started it will...

  • Task kill plus


    Task kill plus us an excellent android application to allow you to shut down, stop or exit any application, widget or service. Task kill will show you all currently running applications, services, widgets or games and let you long press on which one you want options to kill, uninstall, remove...

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