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  • A4C Alarm clock

    A4C Alarm clock




    Alarm clock with many features A4C alarm clock is a feature packed alarm system with many options. Our alarm clock even works if the sound or audio is silenced, quieted or switched to vibrate mode! Use your own music as your alarm. features include: All new user interface and look. - use your...

  • Photo show wallpaper

    Photo show wallpaper


    Photo show live wallpaper, is a live wallpaper application. Photo Show wallpaper is the perfect combination of a Slide show application and a live wallpaper application. Photo show wallpaper will show the photos in a gallery located at the (SDCARD/DCIM/100MEDIA) folder. You can set all the...

  • Notepad





    This is a simple and easy to use Notepad application for android and android devices. Notepad for android can create notes; edit notes, save notes and more. 50% Off - On sale now for a very limited time only. You can get this great Notepad application for Android at 50% off. It's our way of...

  • Light screen, flashlight

    Light screen, flashlight




    Light screen for android is a screen flashlight application program that lets you use your screen as a flashlight. This application is a great flashlight application for those of you that can not use the LED camera flash, flashlight applications. normally this application would be free but we...

  • Multiple Flashlight

    Multiple Flashlight




    Multiple Flashlight has multiple modes of operation to allow for all the different phones and devices with an LED light. Multiple light has a built in settings for protecting your LED camera light when you use it as a flashlight. Supports these features: ◊ Settings to transmit Morse code using...

  • Harley Davidson 2011

    Harley Davidson 2011




    Harley Davidson wallpapers, All Harley 2011 motorcycle models. True high definition wallpaper application. Over 60 harley motorcycle wallpapers in this one application, just scroll thru and select to set it as your wallpaper. Has every model of 2011 Designed for Droid X and other devices...

  • Harley Davidson wallpaper

    Harley Davidson wallpaper




    Harley Davidson Wallpaper is true high definition 1024p Harley Davidson backgrounds and wallpaper application for many phones and devices.. Give your device a try! OVER 80 Wallpapers Added more Languages. ◊ Added more wallpaper. ◊ Includes many different Harley davidson wallpapers! ◊ Added...

  • Harley 2012 wallpapers

    Harley 2012 wallpapers




    Here is the all new Harley Davidson 2012 Wallpapers, Has all the current new motorcycles for the 2012 year, Harley Davidson wallpaper 2012 includes 58 wallpapers of the new bikes and their titles. Looks great on phones like the Droid x, X2 THunderbolt and many more * No Ads or banners! * Free...

  • Harley Davidson 2010 wallpaper

    Harley Davidson 2010 wallpaper


    2010 Harley Davidson Models included In This Wallpaper App. Includes every Harley for 2010. Great on Droid X and users also say any other device with a similar screen Has every model of 2010 Harley davidson motorcycle ҉ No ads or banner advertisements. ҉ Over 70 Wallpapers. ҉ features, baggers,...

  • Gravity ball game

    Gravity ball game




    gravity ball is a fun game that takes a steady hand. Lay phone flat start game. Tilt your phone to guide the ball thru a challenging obstacle course. Very addictive game! ◊ Use the phone or device sensors and try to score. ◊ More challenges coming. ◊ Very fun and addictive game. ◊ Free...

  • Landscape views wallpapers

    Landscape views wallpapers




    Landscape high definition wallpaper application has over 70stunning Landscape wallpapers. These wallpapers look great! just scroll thru the application and select the one you want for your wallpaper, change it anytime. ҉ Over 70 wallpapers included. ҉ Perfect landscape views wallpaper. ҉...

  • Voice notes

    Voice notes




    Voice notes is a very easy to use application for taking notes with your voice by talking or speaking and voice notes will save the note for you. Take down important thing or just something you do not want to forget. Voice notes also support changing the notes name or title / label. You can...

  • Golf score card

    Golf score card


    Welcome to the Golf score card Android application, Golfers start creating and managing a golf score card right on your android device. When application is open select the Menu item for more options. No matter how many players Golf score card can handle it, scrambles or games no matter, You...

  • Ringtone creator

    Ringtone creator





    Ringtone creator is a full featured Ringtone creator and editor, Ring tone creator has all features needed. Make your own ring tones, notification and alarms, even record your own custom voice ringtone. ◊ Edit and create Mp3, Mp4 Wav, Aac, Arm sound files. ◊ Edit and create your own audio...

  • Settings master - orange

    Settings master - orange




    Toggle master settings gives fast access to your settings with the click of one button. You can add or remove the buttons that control your settings, Supports multiple widgets on a single screen and up to 5 buttons in one widget. Tou can have multiple settings controls on one screen. Control...

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