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Download Currency Rate Widget Currency Rate Widget icon
Currency Rate Widget

A simple, understated currency rate widget for Android. View current currency rates and latest change in a button with the flag of the selected currency. Currency data is pulled from Each widget can show one of 159 currencies and base currency is also configurable. The widget can be configured to update daily or wh…

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Download Piccadilly A-Life Simulation Piccadilly A-Life Simulation icon
Piccadilly A-Life Simulation

An artificial life simulation based on JBox2D utilizing simple genetic algorithms. The simulation generates "plants" and "animals". Animals have genes that describe their size, color, and movement patterns. As animals move through the simulation space, they consume energy based on size. When they collide with plants some of…

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Download Qwik Play Qwik Play icon
Qwik Play

Qwik Play makes it fast and easy to find your video files by searching your device and media shares for video content. Using fuzzy search artwork is downloaded from the web so files can be easily identified. Video can be played with one touch. - Access files on your device and DLNA/uPNP media shares - Intuitive and simple Material Design based i…

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Download Transit Sharpener NYC Free Transit Sharpener NYC Free icon
Transit Sharpener NYC Free

Wouldn't it be great to be able to hover above the city and see where the trains are, and to move forward and back in time? Knowing where the trains are would mean less waiting in stations for trains that aren't scheduled to arrive anytime soon. Essentially Transit Sharpener NYC is an animated map, overlaying trains on top of the NYC subw…

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Download Slow and serene live wallpaper Slow and serene live wallpaper icon
Slow and serene live wallpaper

Piccadilly Tiles Wallpaper: Semi-transparent tiles slowly overlap creating interesting combinations of shapes without causing distraction. This free live wallpaper contains no advertisements, does not access the network or the device's internal storage, and is light on system load.

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Download Private Dancer Private Dancer icon
Private Dancer

Private Dancer is a UPnP Media Renderer for Android. It is designed to be used on a device attached to speakers and power. Unlike other UPnP Android applications, Private Dancer is designed for always-on (headless) use. It contains no flashy UI and its only purpose is to provide a rock-solid, dependable wireless audio service for your home netwo…

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Download Piccadilly 5 Live Wallpaper Piccadilly 5 Live Wallpaper icon
Piccadilly 5 Live Wallpaper

Looking for a simple, free, and aesthetically clean live wallpaper that doesn't distract? Try Piccadilly 5. A further evolution of the Piccadilly Live Wallpaper series. Over a month of testing and tweaking went into this release to make it is a great live wallpaper. Changes from previous versions include: - Motion moves at glacial speeds.…

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Download Currency Rate Widget GT Currency Rate Widget GT icon
Currency Rate Widget GT

This application provides currency exchange rate information from It includes two types of widgets and a simple currency converter. Besides the widget provided by Currency Rate Widget, Currency Rate Widget GT also provides the following features: View currency trends with a widget that graphs the daily values of configured…

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Download The Soft Machine's Wallpaper The Soft Machine's Wallpaper icon
The Soft Machine's Wallpaper

The cut-up: a technique of writing which utilizes semi-random bits of text as a source for material and ideas. Popularized by the writer William Burroughs, this technique was used to help write several of his books. This application performs cut-ups on pre-loaded selections of fiction and displays them as a live wallpaper. Upon the configured up…

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Download Piccadily Live Wallpaper Piccadily Live Wallpaper icon
Piccadily Live Wallpaper

Holo themed simple shapes languidly shuffle across the screen. Overlapping figures create subtle complexity without being distracting. - Free - No advertisements - No network access - No settings - No monkey business

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