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Download GPS Surfer GPS Surfer icon

GPS Surfer

Keep track of your personal speed record of your windsurfing, kite sur...

€2.99 Free | 7.8 53

7.8 Users
Download Traffic Alarm Traffic Alarm icon

Traffic Alarm

App that runs in the background. As soon as it detects that you are dr...

Free | 7 24

7 Users
Download Playlist remover Playlist remover icon

Playlist remover

This app will remove all your playlists Android. If you suffer from...

Free | 9 44

9 Users
Download Police Scanner Police Scanner icon

Police Scanner

The Police Scanner app allows you to listen to messages of the Dutch p...

$4.05 | 6.2 54

6.2 Users
Download De Krant De Krant icon

De Krant

Lees de krant op je telefoon. Met alle belangrijke dagbladen zoals d...

$2.64 | 5.8 23

5.8 Users
Download De Reisgids De Reisgids icon

De Reisgids

De trouwe metgezel voor op reis. Waar je ook bent, hij weet de leukste...

Free | 4.8 8

4.8 Users
Download Fashion store explorer Fashion store explorer icon

Fashion store explorer

The fashion store explorer finds all fashion stores in your vicinity (...

Free | 4 5

4 Users
Download Speed camera detector Speed camera detector icon

Speed camera detector

Detects speeds cams while driving. Warns you when you are approaching...

$3.49 $4.63 | 4.6 9

4.6 Users
Download Where's my car? Where's my car? icon

Where's my car?

Press the button to park your car in a busy city or a quiet forest....

$1.99 | 6.4 6

6.4 Users
Download Het Weerbericht Het Weerbericht icon

Het Weerbericht

Deze app toont het officieele KNMI-weerbericht in woord en beeld. Met...

$1.99 | 4 5

4 Users
Download M4rc3lv's Reisgids M4rc3lv's Reisgids icon

M4rc3lv's Reisgids

Deze reisgids-app toont de bezienswaardigheden in de buurt op een kaar...

Free | 10 2

10 Users
Download The Accu meter The Accu meter icon

The Accu meter

The charge of 0 .. 100% of the battery is always nice at the top of th...

$2.00 $1.00 | 6.6 3

6.6 Users

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