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  • World-wide-switch




    Schakel je PC aan of uit vanaf het internet. Naast deze app heb je hardware nodig in de vorm van een Arduino met een relais. Zie:

  • Zaklamp


    Deze app doet dit: - Geeft licht.

  • Playlist remover




    This app will remove all your playlists Android. If you suffer from too many playlists it is useful. Supports ALL media players around.

  • GPS Surfer




    Keep track of your personal speed record of your windsurfing, kite surfing or sailing performance. Uses GPS, magnetic compass and can export your surf or saling sessions to Google Earth and maps for offline analyses. Built in speedo and inclino meters. See our site for more possibilities of this...

  • Traffic Alarm




    App that runs in the background. As soon as it detects that you are driving it requests traffic information. It only warns you if it has traffic information for roads ahead of you. App is in Dutch and meant for Dutch drivers (traffic info for the Netherlands).

  • M4rc3lv's Reisgids




    Deze reisgids-app toont de bezienswaardigheden in de buurt op een kaartje. Je kunt erop klikken voor meer informatie over die bezienswaardigheid.

  • Fashion store explorer




    The fashion store explorer finds all fashion stores in your vicinity (works with GPS). You can also search by keyword (shoes, jeans, underwear, men's fashion, children's fashion) or you can pick a place by tapping on a map. Using keywords you can search for shops by shop name, shop type...

  • Speed camera detector




    Detects speeds cams while driving. Warns you when you are approaching a speed cam. Warns for speed cams, red light cams and mobile flash teams like police radars and laser guns. New feature: detects mobile police radars on all major roads. Note: the database of this app holds speedcams of...

  • MP3 Searcher




    Search for MP3 music files by typing the song name or artist name of the MP3 music that you want to find. The MP3's that are found can be sent to you own Android music player or another MP3 player to be played immediately If you download MP3 files from the internet save them on the SD card...

  • The Newspaper




    Read your daily newspaper on your phone (no additional charges). Every day the latest news of your favorite newspapers. The screen is layout so that the papers can be read without zooming or rotating the screen. Read the USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post and more. Read the following...

  • Camera Timer




    Automatically takes a preset number of pictures with the camera (burst modus). Interval between pictures, number of pictures and waiting time can be set in preferences.

  • De flits-app




    U hoeft vanaf nu nooit meer een bekeuring te betalen wegens te hard rijden. Want de Flitsapp waarschuwt voor alle (onaangekondigde) snelheids-controles. We weten niet of deze app legaal is, we denken van wel. Gebruik deze app op eigen risico. De flits-app toont een lijst van alle radar- en...

  • De Reisgids




    De trouwe metgezel voor op reis. Waar je ook bent, hij weet de leukste plekken. Werkt met GPS en kan snel Wikipedia-artikelen inlezen, nog sneller dan met een normale browser. Start deze app eens op als je onderweg met de auto ergens heen rijdt. Gegarandeerd dat je dan van de snelweg afdraait...

  • Where's my car?




    Press the button to park your car in a busy city or a quiet forest. After your walk this app directs the shortest way back to your car. This app uses GPS, but if GPS is not available your car is located by using the built in compass function. The app saves the geographical position of your...

  • De Krant




    Lees de krant op je telefoon. Met alle belangrijke dagbladen zoals de Telegraaf, Volkskrant, NRC, AD en de belangrijkste regionale dagbladen. Is tevens lezer. Versie 1.7: Volkskrant en De Limburger verbeterd. Versie 1.6: fout met terugknop opgelost. Versie 1.5: automatisch gegenereerd...

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