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  • Lights Off




    ABOUT LIGHTS OFF: The goal of the game is very simple. Turn off all the lights! HOW IT WORKS: Just Tap on one light and you will switch it on or off, along with the four adjacent lights. You win after getting all of the lights to shut off. Good Luck! If you win :D send me a screenshot at my...

  • Blog Style HD




    Lo stile in AltaDefinizione. IL Blog Italiano sul mondo Android. Giochi-Guide-Apps-News-Tutorial e tanto altro. Da oggi disponibile per voi con un'applicazione dedicata ai vostri smartphone, per seguirci sempre e semplicemente.

  • Movie Trailers




    Movie trailers is the best application for read info and see trailer of new film at cinema if you see a problem in the apps don't give me 1 star but send me email with your comments ! Thanks, is more important for me ! The App is at first version, new upgrade give more functions at this...

  • Translator ( Beta )




    Translate in more language This is BETA APPS please don't give me 1 star it's little experiment Best Translator on Market !

  • aPaint (Beta)




    This is a Simple app for design ATTENTION : This app is in beta mode don't give me 1 star ... this app need of some patch ... this is a little experimento Download it and send me email with your comments ! Tnx for download Happy Usage!

  • Poker




    The best video poker game of Market it's free , it's easy , it's for you ! Your phone need of this app

  • Tic Tac Toe




    the best game Tic Tac Toe for Android, the best ever Your phone need of this app ! It's Free !

  • Chess




    The best Chess Game on Android Market !!! This app is free ! Download it

  • Solitaire




    The Best Solitaire on Market Your Phone need of this app ! For better game rotate the phone in Horizontal mode :D Stay happy ! this app is free !

  • Gems For Android




    Gems for Android is a simple but beautiful gems popping puzzle game. Pop the same color adjecent gems by tapping on them.

  • Live Soccer Scores




    NOTE: IT's ONLY WEB CLIENT NOT OFFICIAL APP Live Soccer Scores, the First live score service on the Android Market. All Result powered by Realtime Result for all sport in all category

  • Salary Calculator




    Find out your hourly rate by keying in your annual salary or monthly salary. Or if you want to figure out how much you are making a year or a month, enter your hourly rate.

  • Basketball Match




    YOUR PHONE NEED OF THIS APP IT'S FREE !!! It's a simple memory game Test your mind ! My record is 49 second :D You can make new record ?

  • GPS Tweet




    YOUR PHONE NEED OF THIS APP IT'S FREE !!! Share your location with a Tweet , it's easy... download and install this app, after open it, write a message, press the Twitter logo for share your position on Twitter, your friend see a link , when he click a link he see your position and...

  • Daily Horoscopes




    Daily horoscopes for Android Thanks to this amazing applications you have on your phone each day your horoscope! You can not have this application for the most part it's free .. are you waiting? install and use it every day to know what the stars have predicted

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