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  • Health 360

    Health 360




    Health360 mobile application provides access via Android mobile devices to medical services and coverage offered by Health 360 to members whom are insured under it. The services offered by this app include:- - Access to member profile - Healthcare provider locator o By nearest to user...

  • One Paint

    One Paint




    One Paint is a FREE smart utility enables sketching and taking notes on your Android device and push it to Microsoft One Note. Note down your meeting minutes, remarks, special notes, mind maps and more. Publish notes on the go with ease when and wherever you are. One Paint Special Features -...

  • المحافظة الجنوبية

    المحافظة الجنوبية




    برنامج تتوفر فيه الأخبار والمعلومات العامة للمحافظة الجنوبية في البحرين

  • eventGram





    Best Personalized Events Scheduling App Available!!! Visual calendar with simplicity and ease of use. Never forget an event ever again. Attend and share precious moments whether it is an anniversary, birthday, special celebration, business meeting, signing up new partnership agreement....

  • Canvas it - Pro Sketch App

    Canvas it - Pro Sketch App




    Professional sketch App made social and available free for all. Best sketch app with Brushes designed by sketch artists. Smooth and user friendly interface draw and share it to world. Follow your friends, family, and professional artists. You can give your comments on a users work help them...

  • Once a Message

    Once a Message




    Once a message is a convenient app to create secret messages, and share them with others. You can achieve so without leaving any trace of the content being sent because it is a self-vanishing message so when views reach the limit you set or the date passes the expiry you choose, there is no way...

  • House Me

    House Me




    House Me is one of Bahrain's most recognizable brands attracting hundreds of buyers... We are a property management company that helps you with your search for homes, lands, apartments for sale and rent. With House Me, hundreds of choices can be found. Stay on top and remain connected with...

  • مدونة الموضة 2014

    مدونة الموضة 2014




    برنامج مدونة الفساتين هل تتساءلين في كل مرة تذهبين إلى حفله، عن الفستان الذي ارتديتيه آخر مره؟ من الذي كان هناك؟ و من الذين رأو الفستان عليك؟ الأن مدونة الفساتين الخاصه تسمح لك بإضافة صورة الفستان والمناسبة و يمكنك ايضا تسجيل لائحة المشاركين في الحفل. وتوفر لك خدمة البحث حسب اسم اللباس، او...

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