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  • Emeli Sande

    Emeli Sande




    Emeli Sande fan app is a free app packed full of Emeli Sande's latest information for all you Emeli Sande fans. -Listen to Emeli Sande's latest tracks -See her latest videos -Look up her lyrics including the very famous Emeli Sande daddy lyrics -check out the official Emeli Sande...

  • Toddler Fever

    Toddler Fever




    Toddler Fever app is jam packed with helpful information your toddler with fever. And its free!!!!! From helpful tips to helping you recognize symptoms relating to toddler fever to home remedies for your toddler with fever. Toddler fever app also includes; - parent blogs so you can chat with...

  • Vanessa Mae

    Vanessa Mae




    Vanessa Mae For all enthusiasts of violin music. Vanessa Mae is renowned for her amazing violin techniques and heart stopping music. Forging together two popular genres of music classical and pop. This app takes you on a Vanessa Mae tour from Vanessa Mae's biography to her breath taking...

  • Toddler Cough

    Toddler Cough




    Toddler cough app is the all in one app for parents to help them with their toddlers suffering from a cough. The app includes: - advice on toddler cough at night or during the day - what to give a toddler for cough - it contains helpful information on toddler whittier cough - and for those who...

  • Tamara Taylor

    Tamara Taylor


    The ultimate Tamara Taylor app for all fans of this cast of bones. All you need and want to know about your gorgeous star from her star role in Bones the tv series to her health tips and how she keeps in such good shape. Most of us know Tamara Taylor for her role in Bones as the sexy Dr. Camille...

  • Michaela conlin

    Michaela conlin


    Michaela Colin our favourite Bones co star, uniquely beautiful you just have to know more about her. Well here you go this Michaela Colin app is perfect for all you Michaela Colin fans wanting to know more about your star. Well known for her role in the hit tv series Bones as the adorable, sexy...

  • Princess cut engagement ring

    Princess cut engagement ring




    Princess cut engagement rings is the most classic style of diamond ring. Exquisite and beautiful in every way. This Princess cut engagement ring app is full to the brim with gorgeous diamond rings ranging from tradition designs of the Princess cut engagement ring to contemporary twists on the...

  • Womens Wedding Rings

    Womens Wedding Rings




    Women's wedding rings app. Full to the brim with exquisite beautiful diamond rings and wedding bands just for you ladies. Explore the options of white, yellow and rose gold bands platinum and silver too and all types of women's wedding rings. - you can create your own wedding ring set...

  • Americas next top model news

    Americas next top model news




    America's next top model fan app is here. Finally this fantastic show has an app to give you all the latest news and gossip about the show like: -How to be on America's next top model through tyra's official site -Winners of America's next top model -Latest news on...

  • Emily Deschanel

    Emily Deschanel




    The Emily Deschanel app is jam packed with our favourite Bones actor, Emily information. We tap into her personal life and of course her star role in Bones the tv series, we also look into previous work from our star Emily Deschanel. Fans can look forward to access to: - Emily Deschanel bio -...

  • Bones series fans

    Bones series fans




    This is a comprehensive app for all fans of the Bones show. It has information on all the the bones cast. From Booth to Bones herself, also included are Sweets, Angela and Hodgins. A complete up to date app for all Gossip on the Bones tv show. It also has news on the stars real lives. -Find...

  • FC Manchester City News

    FC Manchester City News




    Get your all in one Manchester city fc News app now for free with all the Manchester city fc latest news and gossip from - Manchester city fc latest transfer news, who is on the man city transfer radar - Get the latest city of manchester fc latest news today - Manchester City video...

  • Election polls

    Election polls




    U.S presidential elections comprehensive data for 2102. Keep up to date with: -Election polls news -U.S presidential elections candidates -Elections polls data from -Videos from presidential candidates Obama and Romney -Speeches by Obama and from for the U.S elections...

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