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  • Music Instruments & Ringtones

    Music Instruments & Ringtones




    ★ Do you love listening to musical instruments? ★ Do you want to feel the real music and help your child learn too the sounds and names of various instruments they encounter in their daily life. ★ This app. contains 36 High Quality and Unique(A-Z) Music Instrumental Sounds and Ringtones that...

  • Funny Whistles

    Funny Whistles




    ★ Wanna impress girls with your whistle? ★ You don't need to know how to whistle with your mouth anymore.Play Whistle Sounds whenever and wherever you want :) ★ TAP AND HOLD down the Whistler's Image to Play the Sounds in loop. ★ Left/Right arrows for changing the Sounds. Note: ★ Click...

  • Dog Sounds & Ringtones

    Dog Sounds & Ringtones




    ★ Want to entertain your Dog? Your Dog or Cat will react instantly to the sounds :-) ★ A Dog Friendly app that can be used to chase the cats and as a companion for dogs. ★ OVER 29 REALISTIC SOUNDS! ★ TAP AND HOLD down the dog's image to play the ringtones in loop. ★ Left/Right arrows for...

  • Gun Sounds & Ringtones

    Gun Sounds & Ringtones




    ★ Do you want to crack pranks on your friends by playing gun sounds? ★ Feel the force of a powerful virtual weapon like never before! ★ This app. contains 42 High Quality and Unique Gun Sounds and Ringtones that you might be desperate to hear. ★ Click on the Play/Stop buttons to play the...

  • Duck Sounds

    Duck Sounds




    ★ Do you love hearing duck sounds and do you know that kids too likes to listen them for peaceful mind? ★ Then what are you waiting for? Download this amazing app. that contains 20 most amazing duck sounds with the help of which you can even train your ducks. ★ Let your Baby/Kids TAP AND HOLD...

  • Dolphin Sounds Ultra

    Dolphin Sounds Ultra




    ★ Do you feel Stressed? Overworked? Want to Sleep Better? ★ Dolphins are capable of making a broad range of sounds using nasal air-sacs located just below the blowhole. ★ Download this app. as it is good to have close at hand:) ★ The app. contains 13 high quality dolphin sounds. ★ TAP AND...

  • Crowd Sound Effects

    Crowd Sound Effects




    ★ Whether you want to support or Boo any time and need additional audience, the app is in your pocket to simulate any type of Audience/Crowd sounds you want. ★ Laugh like a huge crowd of people. Boo with large audience gathering. Clap with more people around you. ★ This app. contains 45 most...

  • Crazy Funny Ringtones

    Crazy Funny Ringtones




    ★ Are you bored these days? Want something to make your day crazy? Consider downloading our Crazy Sounds app. ★ It's the collection of fun and laugh that you can have at any place, any time when your phone starts ringing. ★ This app. contains 37 crazy ringtones,you can enjoy yourself, have...

  • Chicken Sounds & Ringtones

    Chicken Sounds & Ringtones




    ★ Don’t be a chicken, get our Chicken Sounds app! ★ These funny animals make interesting noise that can be perfect for you, your kids and your android phone. ★ You can also have a good start of your day when you wake up with the bird saying cock-a-doodle-doo. ★ The Chicken Sounds app. contains...

  • Christmas Carols & Songs

    Christmas Carols & Songs




    ★ The most popular Christmas Carols/Songs for you ever :) ★ This app. contains 20 mind blowing and high quality Christmas Carols/Songs that anyone would definitely love. ★ Click on the Play/Stop buttons to play the carols in loop. ★ Left/Right arrows for changing the carols. Note: ★ Click on...

  • Bomb Ringtones

    Bomb Ringtones




    ★ BOOM, BOOM , BOOM! ★ Download this Bomb Ringtones app. today and crack pranks on your friends and colleagues by playing this ringtones to scare or shock them instantly :) ★ This app. contains 31 most amazing Bomb Ringtones. ★ TAP AND HOLD down the bomb's image for the playing the...

  • ABC For Kids

    ABC For Kids




    ★ A very fun way for toddler to learn English Alphabets :) ★ Full ABC. ★ Let your Baby touch the alphabets and see the fun:) ★ Real sound and human pronunciations. ★ Let your kids learn English Alphabets in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with their image. ★ To all the Mom's:A great...

  • Animal Sounds & Ringtones

    Animal Sounds & Ringtones




    ★ Do you love listening to animal sounds? ★ Then this is the app. you are looking for which can entertain you within no moments after you install it. ★ A great way to teach your kids the names and sounds of the animals they love. Let your kids touch the animal and see the fun. ★ This app....

  • Amazing Nature Sounds

    Amazing Nature Sounds




    ★ Want to relax and feel better? ★ Do you wish to get away from the noise of everyday life and from the problems that surrounds you? ★ Then what are you waiting for? This app. contains 51 most unique and amazing Nature sounds so far in the market, so our app is good to have close at hand. ★...

  • 60+ Comedy Ringtones

    60+ Comedy Ringtones




    ★ Finding free ringtones, meaning free comedy and funny ringtones may be difficult, but we made it easier for you now. ★ What are you waiting for? Download this amazing app. of ours and laugh like never before :) ★ This app. contains 64 most amazing Comedy Ringtones that you would definitely...

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