• SD Card Manager(File Manager)

    SD Card Manager(File Manager)




    SD Card manager is a free tool which helps you to easily manage files and folder in SD card.Access system files and folders. Full root access for copy, delete, move and rename. Features: * High Performance. * Browse files and folders * Cut,copy and paste files and folders * Create,rename and...

  • Bluetooth File Share

    Bluetooth File Share




    Use This application to Share Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Apps with your Friends and Family over Bluetooth. A Very Decent UI and High Performance Application Which makes Sharing content very easy. File Explorer is also include so that you can manage files and folders stored in your device....

  • NFC File Transfer

    NFC File Transfer


    Send Photos, Music, Videos, Files Via Android Beam™. You only need NFC Enabled devices.Super Easy And simple Application to manage files and Share with your Friends and Family via NFC. No Advertisements Features: Super Easy to use High Performance Send Photos, Music, Videos File Manager is also...

  • TimeZone Converter

    TimeZone Converter




    Simply Convert Date & Time from one Time Zone to Other Time Zone.Supports several time zones around the world.One Screen Application makes it very easy to use.Choose your Date and time and select the Source and destination Time Zones and simply click to convert, it will show you the converted...

  • Expense Manager

    Expense Manager




    Manage Your Expense with the easy Expense manager Application. - Very Simple UI. Almost zero learning curve. - Tracking expenses by week, month and year as well as by categories. - Create , Edit and Remove Categories - Change Currency. - Set your local currency.

  • Compass





    Simple to use Compass application and acts like a real compass. Very Small in size so you can install it on Internal memory. SDCard install is also supported Features Super Fast and accurate Supports True North Tells Direction No Internet Required Free

  • To-Do List & GTasks

    To-Do List & GTasks




    To-Do List & GTasks is Fast and Efficient TODO List Management application. It has Advanced UI so that you can easily mange your tasks. Sliding left or right to view different tasks scheduled on different days. Create Repeating/Recurring Tasks and you can also Set up Reminders and Get...

  • FTP Client

    FTP Client




    Simple and Easy to Use FTP Client Application for your Device. Feature 1) High Performance 2) Manage Multiple FTP Profiles 3) Supports FTP, FTPS(Explicit FTP over TLS/SSL and Implicit FTP Over TLs/SSL) 4) Download Files and folders from FTP server 5) Delete Files 6) Browse Files stored on Device...

  • App List(Task Manager)

    App List(Task Manager)




    Simple Application which list all the applications installed on the device.User can launch, Uninstall applications,Force Stop Running Apps from the context menu. User can view Requested Permissions. Users can take backup of application(.apk) in the sd card from context menu Task Manager...

  • FTP Server

    FTP Server




    Simple FTP Server which you can run your devices and access your memory card on any Computer/ PC. This application helps you managing your files, folders, photos, movies, documents etc on you PC, you do not need any wire. Simply connect with your local WIFI network, start FTP server on your...

  • News Feed (RSS Reader)

    News Feed (RSS Reader)




    News Feed(RSS Reader) is a free tool which helps you to easily manage RSS Feed Subscriptions and read all your RSS feeds at one place. Features: High Performance. Preloaded with top news feeds. Pre-defined Categories and RSS Feed Sources Create and Customize Categories Add RSS Feed Sources...

  • Weather Guru

    Weather Guru




    Very Easy To use and super fast Weather App.Supports Wide range of Cities worldwide.It automatically detect the location and shows the current temperature and weather conditions at that location very quickly.You can also Add 4x1 Size Weather Widget to Home Screen.Get the Forecast of 5 days on...

  • My Sudoku

    My Sudoku




    My Sudoku is very simple and super fast Sudoku game. Features Resume Existing Game. Simple UI Easy and Lightning fast Reset Game This application is based on OpenSudoku and licensed GNU GPL v3

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