• Dominoes Elite

    Dominoes Elite




    Dominoes - is one of the most popular board game in the world, was invented more than two thousand years ago in India. Dominoes is perfect for developing logical thinking and memory.

  • Numismatist





    Now you can start to collect coins on your android. The main features. - The real coins and real series. - Exchange, trade and auction. The most interesting thing in collecting - it's getting coins. - The study of history. In our game we added description of each coin, telling us about...

  • Stamps Collector

    Stamps Collector




    Now you can start to collect stamps on your iPhone and iPad. The main features. - The real stamps and real series. - Exchange, trade and auction. The most interesting thing in collecting - it's getting stamps. - The study of history. In our game we added description of each stamp,...

  • 5.0
    Durak Elite

    Durak Elite




    Learn how to play this popular game and beat your opponents

  • Rocket Launch

    Rocket Launch




    If you've always dreamed to conquer the vast expanses of space, then this game is for you. Before heading to the flight you will have to build your own rocket, and to rise it to a maximum height - to continuously improve your aircraft. You will have six different missiles that can be...

  • Deconstructor





    In the game you have to try yourself as a destroyer of old buildings. For each operation, there is a limited amount of explosives and you have thoroughly calculated to destroy a building to the ground. Game features: - 80 unique levels, in 5 locations with increasing complexity. - A variety...

  • Орфография, игра-тест

    Орфография, игра-тест




    Игра на знание орфографии. - Проверь свою грамотность по старой доброй пятибалльной системе. - Узнай новые слова. Огромная база слов с возможностью посмотреть значение - расширит ваш словарный запас. - Говори правильно — более 1000 вопросов на расстановку правильного ударения. - Играй с...

  • Santa's сhristmas flight

    Santa's сhristmas flight




    New Year's Eve, a time when Santa Claus harness his deers, laying gifts in a sleigh and leaves on a trip to present gifts to children. Action of our game unfolds during Santa's travels. Features. - Several diverse locations - Dozens of levels - The game is suitable for both children...

  • Backgammon





    Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players. Reliably known that people have been playing this game for over 5,000 years. Backgammon perfectly improves your tactical and strategic thinking and equally with chess and dominoes Backgammon is a member of the tables family, one of the...

  • Russian Card Games

    Russian Card Games




    We are proud to introduce collection with all of the most popular in Russia card games. ✓ Bura ✓ 1000 (Thousand) ✓ Seka (Sika, sikka) ✓ Drunkard ✓ Deberz ✓ Poker ✓ Queen of Spades ✓ KING ✓ HEARTS ✓ Durak (transfer). ✓ WELL ✓ TWENTY ONE ✓ BURKOZEL ✓ NINE Features of the game. -...

  • Grand Solitaires Collection

    Grand Solitaires Collection




    We are pleased to present to you a great collection of the best and most interesting solitaires. Among them: - Solitair - Spider - Napoleon’s Tomb - Prisoner - Freecell - Pyramid - Scorpion - Monte — Carlo - Napoleon's Square - Yukon - Clock - Well - Base - Memory - Remember...

  • Matchsticks





    Puzzles with matches - for fans of intelligent entertainment. Excellently develops logic, suitable for children and adults. Solution of logical puzzles with matches is a great way to spend your free time, training logic and wit. Puzzles with matches known for a long time, the first of which...

  • Hex Wars

    Hex Wars




    Hexagon wars - a strategy game where you have to fight a war for territory. Feel yourself like a commander-in-chief who fight with aggressors which willing to separate and conquer your country. Features . Campaign: 44 levels from 1 to 8 opponents with varying degrees of difficulty. Play with...

  • Nine Card Game

    Nine Card Game




    "Nine Card Game" is a popular card game from our childhood.

  • Zebra puzzle

    Zebra puzzle




    Zebra Puzzle is a well-known logic puzzle. It is often called Einstein's Puzzle or Einstein's Riddle because it is said to have been invented by Albert Einstein as a boy; it is sometimes claimed that only 2% of the population can solve it.

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