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    Durak Elite

    Learn how to play this popular game and beat your opponents.

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    Dominoes Elite

    Dominoes - is one of the most popular board game in the world, was invented more than two thousand years ago in India. Dominoes is perfect for developing logical thinking and memory.

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    Download Car Dealer Simulator Car Dealer Simulator icon
    Car Dealer Simulator

    In our game, you start out on the lowest rung of a car dealer’s career with a small initial capital and unlimited capabilities at your disposal. You can buy damaged cars, repair them, and sell them for profit or simply scout around for the most attractive offers on the marketplace in the hope of finding a car in perfect condition. As you play the…

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    Download Alcohol Factory Simulator Alcohol Factory Simulator icon
    Alcohol Factory Simulator

    - BUILD THE REAL PLANT - There are 5 unique workshops, as at real plant: Squeezing workshop allows you to make juice from fruits! Mixing workshop allows you to make a hard drinks with the most complicated recipe! Bottling workshop will pack your drink and prepare for selling! Distillation workshop turns your drink in hard drinks! Аging workshop ca…

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    Download Backgammon Backgammon icon

    Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players. Reliably known that people have been playing this game for over 5,000 years. Backgammon perfectly improves your tactical and strategic thinking and equally with chess and dominoes Backgammon is a member of the tables family, one of the populers games in the world. Features of our versio…

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    Russian Card Games

    We are proud to introduce collection with all of the most popular in Russia card games. ✓ Bura ✓ 1000 (Thousand) ✓ Seka (Sika, sikka) ✓ Drunkard ✓ Deberz ✓ Poker ✓ Queen of Spades ✓ KING ✓ HEARTS ✓ Durak (transfer). ✓ WELL ✓ TWENTY ONE ✓ BURKOZEL ✓ NINE Features of the game. - Great realistic graphics of the cards and game table. -…

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    Download Rocket Launch Rocket Launch icon
    Rocket Launch

    If you've always dreamed to conquer the vast expanses of space, then this game is for you. Before heading to the flight you will have to build your own rocket, and to rise it to a maximum height - to continuously improve your aircraft. You will have six different missiles that can be improved by seven parameters.

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    Download Soccer Academy Simulator Soccer Academy Simulator icon
    Soccer Academy Simulator

    If you do not like how your favourite soccer team participates in tournaments, if you constantly criticises the actions and physical form of players so Soccer Academy Simulator is created especially for you. In your hands is a real soccer academy, where you can train and teach the players. Game Features: - Develop the skills of the players such a…

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    Download Grand Solitaires Collection Grand Solitaires Collection icon
    Grand Solitaires Collection

    We are pleased to present to you a great collection of the best and most interesting solitaires. Among them: - Solitair - Spider - Napoleon’s Tomb - Prisoner - Freecell - Pyramid - Scorpion - Monte — Carlo - Napoleon's Square - Yukon - Clock - Well - Base - Memory - Remember all And also you will find a high quality graphics with…

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    Download Santa's сhristmas flight Santa's сhristmas flight icon
    Santa's сhristmas flight

    New Year's Eve, a time when Santa Claus harness his deers, laying gifts in a sleigh and leaves on a trip to present gifts to children. Action of our game unfolds during Santa's travels. Features. - Several diverse locations - Dozens of levels - The game is suitable for both children and adults. - Excellent graphics

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