• Signature Maker




    Signature Maker allows you to create a signature. Which is meant for fun and personalization. Our Signature Maker are NOT meant for any kind of legal use (You may NOT use them to sign your equity load, payday loan, cash advance etc.), Our Signature Maker App will work on any Android Device to...

  • Call-Sms Speaker




    When you are driving a vehicle. You can't lift the Call or check the SMS while driving. Now you no need to worry about getting call or SMS , you don't need the get the mobile out of pocket, the application will talk the name to you and if it is from a number not in your contact list, it...

  • Ultimate Real Drums




    Ultimate Real Drums is a free entertainmnet application for Android users that simulates a real drum on your mobile/tablet screen. For playing drums just drumming your thumb and fingers on the screen , pads of the real drums set, real sound is played simultaneously. It is simple and reliable best...

  • Call Balance Tracker




    Call Balance Tracker is a mobile application which allows you to calculate call rates and show the remaining balance after every call you made. This is the need of every mobile user to keep on eye on balance.In this application you will add balance and call rates manually, then after every call...

  • WorldWide Clock-Maps




    WorldWide Clock-Maps is android base application which is used to show different countries location, time , date and other information such as Population, GDP, Language and Currency on the google maps and you can enable and disable information of the countries on the google map. Features: •...

  • Task Manager




    Task Manager is an app using this app you can end processes and optimized your phone memory, during the usage of mobile we open lot of apps and forget to close, in a result the mobile speed becomes low due to memory usage, and you can close all applications by single click. It will save your time...

  • Jewelry Designs HD




    The JEWELRY Designs Application contains exciting features and designs. In every age women are passionate about Jewelry so they need a large variety of designs for special occasions like Marriages, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Eid etc. Just select your design and share with your friends. This...

  • Interior Design HD




    Interior Designs Description New ideas for interior designs for residence. Now decorate your home with these new classic designs which will have a better impression on your guests, visitors, neighbors, etc. Choose the design structures and types accordingly. There are six categories in this app....

  • Dialer for Blind




    This wonderful application is developed for blind people or those having low vision. Blind can dial numbers, add numbers from contact list to dial number too. The procedure of using this application is very simple, just click the button application will tell you about the button, then by long...

  • Pattern lock Protector




    Description Pattern Protector is an Android application that Checks the drawn pattern with the device built-in Pattern. If the pattern is wrong, pictures are taken with every wrong attempts and sends SMS to the number stored by the device user. The user has to activate the application, and set...

  • MemoryOptimizer




    Memory Optimizer aims at enhancing system speed by resolving memory issues on Android devices. This is the best android app; I merged four apps feature in this one. You can get rid of useless data which made your device run slowly by using this app. Memory Optimizer has following features 1.Call...

  • Finger Print Screen Lock




    Description: An amazing new finger print scanner lock screen for android phones. It works great as a lock screen but this app does not actually scan your finger print because the screen of android smart phone does not have biometrics system functionality it simply responds to the touch but it...

  • Recipes Factory




    Recipes factory is an application that contains different type of recipes. These all are easy to prepare and good for your health. All of these healthy recipes are low in calories and can be incorporated into your diet plan. Healthy means different things to different people, but we aim to cater...

  • SMS Factory




    Everybody wants to have a lot of SMS Collection for every occasion, so here is the "SMS Factory" application for Android Smartphone. Just select the category that suits to your mood and send messages to your loved ones, relatives, friends etc. There is no need to type and remember any...

  • Lie Detector




    Description: Now check your friends and family members that who is cheating you by telling lie using this unique lie detector. Fingerprint lie detector is an entertainment app for fun purposes only. Use this app to fool your friends and get fun! Results are shown as voice alerts like truthful or...

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