• Gackerl Sackerl

    Gackerl Sackerl




    "Nimm ein Sackerl für dein Gackerl!" Wer kennt diese Kampagne nicht? Doch wo hängen den eigentlich die guten Sackerl? Genau diese Problematik haben wir uns zu Herzen genommen und dafür eigens die "Gackerl Sackerl" Finder App heraus gebracht! Mit der kostenlosen App...

  • Schnapsen FREE

    Schnapsen FREE




    Schnapsen FREE - the best Schnapsen on Android! We would like to thank all Schnapsen players for your great experience reports! Each feedback is appreciated, will be reviewed and processed! Schnapsen is a 2-player card game which is popular in German-speaking regions, especially in Austria. It...

  • Schnapsen FULL

    Schnapsen FULL




    Schnapsen FULL - the best Schnapsen on Android! Schnapsen is a 2-player card game which is popular in German-speaking regions, especially in Austria. It is also known as: "Zweierschnapsen", "Schnopsn", "Bummerln", "66", "Santase",...

  • app²balloon





    Loona the curious red balloon, has always wanted to find out how high she can fly! Are you ready to take off on a breathtaking trip through Loonas world? Loona, the Red Balloon is a game designed with a young audience in mind. Kids as young as 4 years have a tremendous amount of fun playing...

  • app²santa jumper

    app²santa jumper




    SANTA JUMPER - The best christmas game ever! Keep on jumping with Santa Claus in a winter wonderland! Help him collect all the presents for the children! There are 2 options to play: *** Unlock 6 levels. Each level has a mission to be fulfilled like bringing the stated number of the presents...

  • app²crush the apple

    app²crush the apple




    app²crush the apple - the battle continues! Crush the apple and save the universe! This game is the battle ground of the software giants! Your challenge is to crush as many apples as possible in order to save the universe of the android astronaut within 30 seconds. But be aware! Don't...

  • app²solitaire





    app²solitaire, designed by app²square, is the most popular solitaire (also known as 'Patience' or 'Klondike') on the android play store. This card game, which is free of charge, sets entirely new standards. There is nothing to keep you from hunting for score point records, due to...

  • app²bummerl





    app²bummerl - Der Schnapsen Bummerlzähler fürs Handy Eine Runde Schnapsen aber keinen Zettel oder Kuli bei der Hand? EINFACH den Bummerlzähler KOSTENLOS installieren und los geht's! Um immer den Überblick zu bewahren, wird automatisch der Kartengeber angezeigt. Gezählt werden Punkte,...

  • app²memo





    Train your brain! Play app²memo! Find triplets! The greatest memory game in market. Your challenge is to find 3 identical shapes! Playing this game is pretty easy: It consists of 24 cards (6x4). Try to find 3 identical cards as fast as you can with less clicks. Just tap on the card to flip it....

  • app²memo triplet - Norway

    app²memo triplet - Norway




    Discover the world! Train your brain! Play app²memo triplet! app²memo triplet - Discover Norway You are a globetrotter traveling the world. Today Norway is the place to be! In this memory game you will encounter picturesque spots in Norway. Play app²memo! Playing this memory game is pretty...

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