• Dead Run : Brave




    Dead Run: Brave is about the Rufus, the bravest purple haired prehistoric Neanderthal, who’s coming to the rescue to save the world from the giant, dangerous dinosaurs. The job is not easy, especially with all the obstacles in the way; the giant lizard at his heels, just waiting to get his hands...

  • Mega Running




    We've all played those endless running games that keep you busy and entertained for hours at a time. Mega Running is one of those, but it takes gaming to a whole new level! This game is all about the clash between the dinosaurs and the cavemen. They used to live in peace under the canopy of...

  • Omega Run - Amazing Superhero




    Omega run is a story about a scientific experiment gone wrong, and it’s up to the city’s star athlete to save the day! During one of his football games, Grayson Gardner was tackled and fell to his impending doom. As he lay there, on the cold grass of the football field, all he felt was pain and...

  • Monster Vs Piggies




    The game, Monster vs. Piggies, is the tale of Frank N. Stein and the pesky piggies who won’t let him sleep at night. It all started one dark Hallows’ eve when our over sized green monster was just a little ogre. He used to sleep all night and all day, and when his parents would insist he get up...

  • Beach Birds Bombs




    Off the coast of Rio, Brazil is an abandoned beach with a secret. This exotic beach is home to nature’s most rare and beautiful birds. But now they’re under attack! You and Dr. Peck, a local scientist, are all that stands in the way of some nasty poachers who are out to capture these enchanting...

  • Angry Temple Wars




    Angry Temple Wars is set in a badlands space far away from friends just like an epic fictional universe right out of the Star Wars. Our star Gorilla was enjoying his badlands temple when angry birds and friends gave him an epic run for his life. Now he is up against all the viciousness of the...

  • Tickets Mate - Event tickets




    Tickets mate is one of the biggest collections to spot last minute tickets for live events - concert tickets, sports tickets and theatre tickets. This is an extensive and continuously updated catalog of upcoming events on Android. Tickets mate is an efficient concert finder of your favorite bands...

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