• Tib-E-Nabvi





    Tib-E-Nabvi: In Urdu Language | This application is meant to be a resource for the user as a Islamic medication guide. It provides information on hundreds of ways you can heal your medical problems Islamically.

  • Bahishti Zewar Urdu

    Bahishti Zewar Urdu




    Bahishti Zewar In Urdu Language is an application made for tablets and mobiles. Over 750+ Pages of Islamic Information! The Most Complete Application in the Market. Now you can have the Entire Bahishti Zewar In your Mobile or Tablet and read it whenever you feel. About Bahishti Zewar :...

  • Hookah Shisha: Complete Guide

    Hookah Shisha: Complete Guide




    Hookah Shisha: Complete Guide As the name suggests, this is the one stop shop for all hookah and shisha lovers. This is one app that every fanaic of hookah and shisha should have in their mobiles or tablets. This app was carefully designed and has everything from A to Z regarding hookah and...

  • Fast Food Recipes In Urdu

    Fast Food Recipes In Urdu




    Fast Food Recipes In Urdu has hundreds of recipes for fast food items including Pizza's, Burgers, and Pastas. This application is a handy recipe guide for hundreds of recipes in your pocket at all times. A must download for people who love to make European or American dish's. Quickly...

  • Telepathy In Urdu

    Telepathy In Urdu




    Telepathy: This is an application dedicated to Telepathy. The purpose of this application is to teach it's users the secretes of Telepathy. Telepathy Definition: (Noun) Communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception. Telepathy [ < Greek têle (far away) +...

  • Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal In URDU

    Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal In URDU




    Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal: This is an application that uncovers the secretes of the Dajjal. It covers Dajjal's complete history in depth. This is an Urdu application for Urdu readers. This application has over 68 pages of information regarding the coming of Dajjal.

  • Janaza Guide In Urdu

    Janaza Guide In Urdu


    Janaza Guide In Urdu: This application covers Janazay ka masail in Urdu language. This application covers everything regarding funerals according to Islam. It has 9 topics and covers them in Depth. Everything you need to know about death and the rules and regulations of Janaza according to...

  • Islam Music And Science Urdu

    Islam Music And Science Urdu




    Islam Music and Science In Urdu: This is a in depth informative application about Science and Music in light of Islam. Learn what Islam say's about Music and Science.

  • Jinnat Aur Kala Jadu In Urdu

    Jinnat Aur Kala Jadu In Urdu




    Jinnat Aur Kala Jadu In Urdu: This is a In Depth complete history from A to Z about Jinnat, Kala Jadu, Nazir and much much more. Everything you ever wanted to know about this topic all in one application. Over 440 pages of Information right in your phone. Download now for free.

  • Kamyab Shadi Guide In Urdu

    Kamyab Shadi Guide In Urdu




    Kamyab Shadi Guide In Urdu Language: This is a Urdu Application that gives its Users 17 rules of a successful marriage. This application is based on an Islamic point of view. It is for everyone who is either about to get married, or is already married. It will answer many of your questions and...

  • Tailoring Guide: Silayi Course

    Tailoring Guide: Silayi Course




    Language: URDU Tailoring Guide: Silayi Course is a complete tailoring step by step course to learn to tailor you own clothing. Now you don't have to take special classes or waste your time going to learning facilities. You can learn to tailor your own clothing from the comfort of your own...

  • Pure Islam

    Pure Islam




    Pure Islam in English: Is an application for all Muslims and Non-Muslims. This app teaches you what are the duties of Muslims. What it means to be a Muslim. It covers a large size of information of Islam in a single app. It answers hundreds of questions you might have about Islam. It teaches you...

  • Natural Beauty In Urdu Totkay

    Natural Beauty In Urdu Totkay




    Totkay is a Urdu language application that has hundreds of Desi and Natural Totkay for beauty. This application covers subjects like Natural Beauty Tips from the head to toe. Everything in this application is in the Urdu Language so it is best suited for users who can read Urdu. Below you will...

  • Sufi Wisdom Sufism In Urdu

    Sufi Wisdom Sufism In Urdu




    Sufi Wisdom: Sufism is a application filled with over 300 proverbs. This amazing application is in three languages (English, Urdu, Hindi). Download this app now to get some Sufi Wisdom for free. Amazingly written and carried out, this is a must download for all knowledge-loving users. Yet,...

  • Urdu Astrology: Ap Kay Sitary

    Urdu Astrology: Ap Kay Sitary




    Urdu Astrology | Horoscope | Ap Kay Sitary is an app for everyone who can read Urdu. It covers your star signs and what the future holds for you. This is a completely free app. Ab ap Urdu zuban ma apna sitarion ka bara main jaan saktain ha is app ka through. Total of 280 pages of 12 star...

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