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Islamic Khawabnama In Urdu Language: Meaning Of Dreams In Urdu Language. Islamic Khawabnama is a complete Islamic interpretation of dreams from an Islamic point of view in Urdu. It contains thousands of meanings for dreams. All of the content in this application is based on Islamic point of views. There are many other options besides meanings of dr…

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Download Urdu Horoscope: Ap Ka Sitary Urdu Horoscope: Ap Ka Sitary icon
Urdu Horoscope: Ap Ka Sitary

Ap ka sitary kahan haan aur keya kahta haan apka bara ma. Keya app ko pata ha apna stars ka hal aur apna future? Ya sub jana ka leya is app ko ajj hi download karain. Ya app Urdu zaban ma banayi gayi ha taka humara Urdu readers poora fada utha sakain. Urdu Astrology | Horoscope | Ap Kay Sitary is an app for everyone who can read Urdu. It covers…

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Preschoolers Nursery Rhymes

A wonderful Nursery Rhymes app for preschoolers with songs, music, sing-along. A fantastic app for kids featuring 6 very popular Nursery Rhymes: 1: Apple Tree 2: Alphabets Rhyme 3. Mary had a little lamb 4. Happy Birthday - Teach your kids how to properly sing the birthday wish. 5. Humpty Dumpty 6. Rain rain go away Parents and kids will love th…

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Beauty Totkay In Urdu

Urdu zaban ma beauty ka totkay jana ka leya ajj hi is app ko download karain. Totkay is a Urdu language application that has hundreds of Desi and Natural Totkay for beauty. This application covers subjects like Natural Beauty Tips from the head to toe. Everything in this application is in the Urdu Language so it is best suited for users who can re…

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Download Fast Food Recipes In Urdu Fast Food Recipes In Urdu icon
Fast Food Recipes In Urdu

Fast Food Recipes In Urdu has hundreds of recipes for fast food items including Pizza's, Burgers, and Pastas. This application is a handy recipe guide for hundreds of recipes in your pocket at all times. A must download for people who love to make European or American dish's. Quickly learn how to make everyday fast food items right at home.…

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Darood Shareef Fazail Urdu

Urdu zuban ma Darood Shareef ka Fazail parna ka leya ajj hi ya app download karain. Darood Shareef Fazail in Urdu language is an In-Depth Application for users regarding Drood Shareef Fazails. There are over 23 Drood Shareefs with history, explanations and much more. One of a kind application for Urdu readers. A must download for Islamic brothers…

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Download Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal In URDU Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal In URDU icon
Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal In URDU

Aik Ankh Wala Dajjal: This is an application that uncovers the secretes of the Dajjal. It covers Dajjal's complete history in depth. This is an Urdu application for Urdu readers. This application has over 68 pages of information regarding the coming of Dajjal. The Antichrist in Islam (ad-Dajjal) introduction Muslims believe that before the l…

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Jadoo Ka Masnoon Ilaj

Jadoo Ka Ilaj Complete App for all Muslim users worried do to jadoo, toony, and Taweez. A complete guide for every Muslim to get protected from Black Magic ( Kala Jadu ). This Book App also contains references from The Holy Quran and Hadees. All Information in this Application is very authentic so feel free to use because this book is written in th…

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Download Surah Mulk Mp3: Darood Taj Surah Mulk Mp3: Darood Taj icon
Surah Mulk Mp3: Darood Taj

Includes Surah Mulk with Audio and Multi-Language Translation. Application Including complete Darood E Taj and free Islamic Radio FM channel. It is a complete Package to earn the Blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said, ‘There is a surah (Surah Mulk ) in the Qur’an which is only thirty verses. It defended whoever\recited…

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Punjabi Poetry

Punjabi Muhavare | Proverbs: A proverb means a short or condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience which is taken as true by many people. There are thousands of proverbs in every living language of the world and especially in those languages which have long oral traditions. Our Punjabi language is one of those lang…

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