• Angry Goats and Friends

    Angry Goats and Friends



    When life hands you lemons, what's more fun than throwing them? Throwing them at farm animals of course. "Angry Goats and Friends" previously titled "Sour Goats & Friends" makes goats, sheep, pigs, cows & donkeys the perfect target. Gamers, get ready for some...

  • Hamster Fishing

    Hamster Fishing


    Ready, set, go! With "Hamster Fishing" the fun never ends. Catch as many as you can, with over 7 different kinds of fishes to choose from. Catch a shoe and even score points. Reel in as many as you can, with a multi level challenge, from novice to expert, the fishing fun with...

  • Catch the Ghost of Crowley

    Catch the Ghost of Crowley


    Aleister Crowley is back and this time he is a Ghost. Can you catch the ghost of Crowley? "Catch the Ghost of Crowley" is a multi-level, action packed, ghost hunting experience. Try and see if you can Catch the Wickedest Man in the world, as he maneuvers away from your grip. Touch and...

  • Greedy Gerbil Game

    Greedy Gerbil Game


    The "Greedy Gerbil Game" consists of a snowy slope where you have to guide the snowball and try to get as many money signs, money bags and snowmen as possible; but watch out for that Greedy Gerbil, he doesn't want you to win and will do everything in his devious mind to try and stop...

  • Fruit Hunt Treasure-Trove

    Fruit Hunt Treasure-Trove


    Fruit Hunt Treasure-Trove is an Action-adventure treasure trove hunt for fruits, gamers can match the ideal pair to win points. The faster you match corresponding items, the more points you get. User friendly, exciting and captivating; a must have app for everyone. So sit back, relax and tap...

  • Daring Doofus Jungle Fun

    Daring Doofus Jungle Fun


    Use a slingshot to take down the Daring Doofus as he attempts to avoid getting hit. Hit him once and he is down, hit the bulls eye on the target and earn extra points. User friendly and full of action packed Jungle Fun, the Daring Doofus is no easy catch for the impatient and must be hunted with...

  • Comic Toons: Cop Jokes

    Comic Toons: Cop Jokes




    Police jokes in comic book format, updated routinely with new features for show and content rich fun. Follow goofy police officers through different situations and witness comics parallel reality on all fronts while apprehending crimes and serving our community. Some drag their feet while others...

  • Mango Juice Radio: Chill Sound

    Mango Juice Radio: Chill Sound


    Enjoy a dynamic and comprehensive listening experience with Mango Juice Radio, with sounds of New Age, Electronic, Easy Listening, Reggae, Smooth, Trance, Dance, and much more. A user friendly app which brings users to a diverse music listening platform of indie radio, packed with flavor and...

  • Magick of Osiris

    Magick of Osiris


    "Magick of Osiris", also known as "Altar of Osiris" is a comprehensive app dedicated towards the appreciation of the god of the underworld, Osiris, and includes hymns, daily rituals, art and hieroglyphics, and a library consisting of Egyptian texts such as the Book of the...

  • Lucifer's Light

    Lucifer's Light


    A user friendly app, full of knowledge and insight, which brings the seething powers of Lucifer right into the hands of the adept. Gain access to a diverse library of over 100 classic magical book titles in PDF format. With some dating as far back as the days of ancient Egypt, with this...

  • Magick Altar of Baphomet

    Magick Altar of Baphomet




    Great for all adepts and those wanting to learn the basics of Magick. User friendly, this app includes everything that is necessary for those who desire to practice Magick on a daily basis. With the sole aim of acquiring the Knowledge and Conversation with Ones Holy Guardian Angel, this powerful...

  • Secret Magic of Abramelin

    Secret Magic of Abramelin




    Known as "The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage", is a 14th Century text and Grimoire which is comprised from a variety of magic spells, operations, invocations, prayers, and rituals. Consisting of 3 books, with detailed instructions on how to gain favor, success, love,...

  • Chakra Magic & Meditation

    Chakra Magic & Meditation


    A dynamic system of Meditation, focusing on Chakra development for an all around lifestyle balance and personal well being. With this app, students can enjoy the yoga basics, not just for beginners, but for the experienced as well. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive learning guide, with...

  • Sports Bike TV: Street Stunts

    Sports Bike TV: Street Stunts


    With thousands of videos for streaming and hours of footage of some of the top professional Sportbike street racers in the world performing stunts, tricks, tutorials, bike reviews and more. Weather you are a pro, novice or just someone who likes street racing, stunts and daredevilish behavior...

  • Freerunning & Parkour TV

    Freerunning & Parkour TV


    Thousands of freerunning and parkour footage from some of the top pros and novices in the world. With 10 dedicated channels that are updated in real time including some of the most talented PK performers of all time, weather you are a fan or a traceur / traceuse, this app brings puts the fun in...

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