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Hip-Hop AM & FM Radio

Access a library of Hip-Hop music, the way it is supposed be, with 2 dedicated channels of orginal Rap songs from club, street to tribute. Enjoy the sounds of real music. (Note: This app may display 3rd party ads. This application is not an AM/FM radio access app and the term "AM & FM" is simply the name. Catalog of songs listed in t…

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Download Rune Magic TV Rune Magic TV icon
Rune Magic TV

Access hours of Rune Magic footage, with over 5 dedicated channels and hundreds of videos of Runic mysteries, how to tutorials, the history of Runes, basic information and more. Learn the arto of divination and fortune telling through the use of Runes. Runology is the study of runestones and their use dating back to when Runes where used as an alph…

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Download Solomon's Key Solomon's Key icon
Solomon's Key

Enter the world of possibilities with the "Solomon's Key", bringing the Greater Key of Solomon-also known as "Clavicula Salomonus"-into the palm of your hand. With all planetary seals necessary for the invocation of the angelic powers, the invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, this magical tool also comes with bonus access…

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Download Police Watchdog Police Watchdog icon
Police Watchdog

In recent aftermath of the Ferguson incident, and Garner case in New York, and in wake of an exponential growth of reported police brutality, we have decided to launch an app that allows civilians to fight back against police injustice and misconduct. "Police Watchdog" is a user friendly app that empowers users to submit detailed incident…

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Download Kabbalah Magic: Tree of Life Kabbalah Magic: Tree of Life icon
Kabbalah Magic: Tree of Life

Enter into the mysteries of the ancient Magi and open your mind, body and soul to the Kabbalah (Cabala). Now it is possible to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life right from your handheld device and learn the secrets which the prophets had known. The Kabbalah is an ancient system of esoteric wisdom stemming from Hebrew / Judaic roots, later…

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Download Bit Map App (US Edition) Bit Map App (US Edition) icon
Bit Map App (US Edition)

Find a Bitcoin ATM location near you. With more than 80 ATMs in 20+ States and counting, the "Bit Map App (US Edition)" is a user friendly Bitcoin ATM locator. Simply select a State, choose an ATM, and that's it. With GPS capabilities, users are routed to the ATM of their choice by selecting easy step by step directions. Furthermore,…

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Download Illuminati Library Pro Illuminati Library Pro icon
Illuminati Library Pro

Bringing over 100 book titles to access from your device, "Illuminati Library Pro" gives direct access to Masonic, Rosicrucian, Hermetic, and Kabbalistic texts available in PDF, of some of the rarest and most sought out esoteric and mystical literature. To know the plan for the new age is to know the destiny of mankind, which has been ens…

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Download Skateboarding TV Skateboarding TV icon
Skateboarding TV

With over 14 channels of hardcore street skating videos from professional and novice skaters world wide. Watch the best skating right on your handheld device, from skate parks to street, schools and more. Witness some of the most insane stunts ever by the best skaters in the industry as they ride their skateboards into the sunset get the latest ska…

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Download Goetia Magic Pro Goetia Magic Pro icon
Goetia Magic Pro

Goetia Magic Pro is a simple and easy to use app for invocation and evocation on the go, comprised of a summery of the Goetia (The Lesser Keys of Solomon/Lemmegaton) 17th century magical grimoire which includes the complete 72 Jinn / Genie spirits along with the magic seals / talismans by which they are summoned and evoked / invoked, the 72 corresp…

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Download CPACT: Counter Terrorism Pro CPACT: Counter Terrorism Pro icon
CPACT: Counter Terrorism Pro

A user friendly app which brings the "Center for Primary Action to Counter-Terrorism" right to your favorite Android device (available for 1,314 different devices). CPACT is an organization specializing in counter terrorism, crime, analysis and future forecast. Get the latest news on the war on terror and other related topics, access free…

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