• U.S. Federal Law: 2014-2015



    Over 200,000 pages long, "The Code of Laws of the United States of America" or better known as the "U.S. Code", is a compilation and codification of the general United States federal laws. Published every 6 years, this is the most updated and current version. Consisting of 51...

  • Baphomet Magic Live Wallpaper


    Baphomet, the androgynous sphinx like goat-headed creature, popularized by the great occultist Eliphas Levi and later adopted as the personification of the devil by the Church of Satan, is now available on your android device as a live wallpaper. "Baphomet Magic Live Wallpaper (Black...

  • Wheel of Fortune: Tarot Magic



    A user friendly application for all your daily Major Arcana single-card Tarot reading needs. Using the Arthur Edward Waite deck, which dates back to it's publishing year of 1910, and has been adopted by occultists, magicians, necromancers and fortune tellers world wide, tarot readings have...

  • LGBT Equality Live Wallpaper


    With this lovely live 3D wallpaper, the equal sign is redefined and given a new meaning. With an animated rainbow effect, on a crisp white background, "LGBT Equality Live Wallpaper" is a fun way of saying "We are happy to be ourselves!" Celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and...

  • Baphomet Live Wallpaper (2.0)


    Baphomet Live Wallpaper (2.0) brings the infamous Goat of Mendes, in full color and in animated form right to the home screen of your android device. Predating the days of the Knights Templars, Baphomet has been a symbol of initiation and the center of magical ceremonies. From the days of ancient...

  • Bounty Hunter Live Wallpaper


    An awesome live wallpaper, designed for bounty hunters, fugitive recovery agents, bail enforcement, surety agents, bail bondsmen, and private investigators. "Bounty Hunter Live Wallpaper" is a great way for bounty hunters to stay focused when accessing their android device, serving as a...

  • LGBT Equality Wallpaper(Black)


    LGBT Equal rights Live Wallpaper (Black Background Edition). Celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights and freedom. This application is a great way of personalizing your android device to suit your interests. With a gorgeous rainbow enhanced equal sign on a black background, this...

  • Seal of Lucifer Live Wallpaper


    Easy to install and user friendly, "Seal of Lucifer Live Wallpaper" features the mysterious sigil of Lucifer in a yellow gold tone on an all white background. Bringing the magic of the ancient magical texts, the "Seal of Lucifer Live Wallpaper" can be used as a focal point for...

  • Bit Map App (US Edition)




    Find a Bitcoin ATM location near you. With more than 80 ATMs in 20+ States and counting, the "Bit Map App (US Edition)" is a user friendly Bitcoin ATM locator. Simply select a State, choose an ATM, and that's it. With GPS capabilities, users are routed to the ATM of their choice by...

  • Masonic Emblem Live Wallpaper


    A fabulous Masonic Square, Compass and Sun, 3D Live Wallpaper. Simply set your live wallpaper settings to this application and enjoy the light of freemasonry rotating on the home screen of your android device. "Masonic Emblem Live Wallpaper" taps directly into the mysteries of the...

  • Police Watchdog


    In recent aftermath of the Ferguson incident, and Garner case in New York, and in wake of an exponential growth of reported police brutality, we have decided to launch an app that allows civilians to fight back against police injustice and misconduct. "Police Watchdog" is a user...

  • Coin Chat Pro




    The first crypto currency inspired mobile social platform. No sign-up needed, just log on and chat anonymously with bit-coiners and crypto currency enthusiasts worldwide. Free, safe and secure, Coin Chat is a user friendly social platform, inspired by blockchain technology, with its...

  • Best of Angry Goats


    When life hands you lemons, what's more fun than throwing them? Throwing them at farm animals of course. "Angry Goats and Friends" previously titled "Sour Goats & Friends" makes goats, sheep, pigs, cows & donkeys the perfect target. Gamers, get ready for some...

  • Hamster Fishing



    Ready, set, go! With "Hamster Fishing" the fun never ends. Catch as many as you can, with over 7 different kinds of fishes to choose from. Catch a shoe and even score points. Reel in as many as you can, with a multi level challenge, from novice to expert, the fishing fun with...

  • Catch the Ghost of Crowley


    Aleister Crowley is back and this time he is a Ghost. Can you catch the ghost of Crowley? "Catch the Ghost of Crowley" is a multi-level, action packed, ghost hunting experience. Try and see if you can Catch the Wickedest Man in the world, as he maneuvers away from your grip. Touch and...

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