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Baby Soother

Help baby to sleep with the Baby Soother by having your little one’s favourite soothing sounds at your fingertips. As well as common relaxing sounds and lullabies, the Baby Soother provides a variety of low frequency sounds which are designed to simulate the comfort of the womb environment. These familiar sounds have proven calming effect, can st…

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Fun Shaver

A fun shaving experience, without any pain! Turn your phone into a shaver with realistic sounds and images. Have endless fun entertaining your children and friends with this fabulous fake shaver. Select the model of shaver you would like, and then simply move your phone/shaver around as if you were actually shaving to hear the sound of hair cutti…

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Fun Timer

Have fun with this child friendly timer. Watch as lots of fun, cute and interesting images are revealed as the timer counts down. Select from a range of 16 inbuilt images or create up to 30 of your own personalised timers, each with their own images and sounds. These should keep the little ones entertained as they are uncovered and for added fun t…

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Toothbrush Pacer

Toothbrush Pacer is a simple teeth brushing aid. It is recommended that you should brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. This useful timer makes sure you don’t skimp on brushing time. The timer helps you divide the brushing time equally between the four zones of your mouth providing an audio notification when it is time to move to…

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Appy Kids

We all want happy children and this ‘Appy Kids’ app aims to keep the little ones entertained whether at home or out and about. Select the fun activity from the list and let the fun begin. The windmill activity is simple to use just blow into the microphone and watch it spin. For those impatient little ones you can touch the screen to make it sto…

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