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  • Transfer Photos Sharing Files




    File Sharing made amazingly fast & easy! Share all kind of files & media – Photos, Audio, Video, Text Files, PDF’s, APKs, Apps, etc. You can even send entire Folders and Sub Folders. Share with just one device or multiple devices. No USB cable required, Transfer, Share files wirelessly by...

  • Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast




    Introducing Video Speed, the only Slow Motion & Fast Motion Video editor on Android!! You can create multiple fast motions, slow motions in the same video. You can use the app just for fun OR Professionals can also use it to improve their game of Tennis, football, swimming and much more!...

  • WiFi File Share Photo Transfer




    File Sharing made amazingly fast & easy! Share all kind of files & media – Photos, Audio, Video, Text Files, PDF’s, APKs etc. You can even send entire Folders and Sub Folders. Share with just one device or multiple devices. No USB cable required, Transfer files wirelessly by WiFi Direct,...

  • Animated Full Screen Caller ID




    Get the most advanced Full Screen Caller ID app with Animation for your device! Lots of innovative features like Pics Animation, in-call contact sharing thru voice and much more! App supports incoming calls, outgoing calls, sms and missed calls. >>>> Features <<<< + Full...

  • VidPic Video Collage Photo Mix




    Create beautiful Video Collages with VidPic Collage! Stitch video clips and pics together in any way you want! This is the only app to have Picture in Picture (PIP) functionality. You will love it and your friends will envy you for sure! Yet another Masterpiece from the creators of PicsVideo!...

  • Word Quiz: Pics Phrase Puzzles




    Are you ready for the Challenge! Latest Word phrase Quiz Game!! In What's Pics Phrase you will see a picture and a phrase with missing words. You need to guess the missing word and you WIN! - Highly Addictive gameplay ! No registration , no complicated rule . Simple. Play. Fun. - Tons of...

  • World Local Time Zone Contacts




    Need to find Time of a place? No calculations anymore! As they say "Even time flies!!!" Well, we all need to call friends in a different cities or even in a different country. This App makes it extremely easy for you to get the time, place info right with your contacts! App provides...

  • Color SMS Text Message Friends




    Send Amazing Texts with Color, Font, Size and Backgrounds! No more plain texts anymore! Send the message right from the application itself!! Surprise your Friends and Loved ones! It works with SMS!! Internet is not required. It's an innovative app which sends Color SMS by using normal SMS!...

  • Video Editor Trim Cut Add Text




    Your Videos Your way! Video Editor & Trimmer creates Awesome Videos. It has many features like trimming, writing text, freehand drawing etc. Also Introducing Joining of Videos! You can also create MP3 audio from Video files! We often have long videos which no one is interested in watching!!...

  • Reverse Video Movie Fun Camera




    Reverse Movie Camera!! Coming for the first time on Android! Walk backwards, Jump Backwards, Dance Backwards, and much more! Its real fun!! Enjoy your life and video making even more with Reverse cam! One of most entertaining and funniest app. Listen to our Users: "It's great just...

  • PicsVideo PhotoMusic Slideshow




    Create awesome video stories by mixing your photos & music! Be your own master and create the videos just the way you want them to be - PERFECT! NO WATERMARK! WOW!! It's completely FREE!  It’s very easy: Select Photos. Add Music. You are done! Your video moments are ready. Share with...

  • Photo Text Caption Font Effect




    Photo Text Express is the coolest way to make your photos truly Unique & Awesome!!! Quickly transform your pictures by adding text!! Choose from lots of effects, font, colors, sizes and much more! You can also post entire photos on Instagram without cropping! No watermark, No Limits!! Its...

  • Missed Notification Lockscreen




    Get your notifications organized! Be it number of missed calls, SMS messages, unread email , gmail messages and anything else. It supports all applications! You can create a LockScreen or a Widget – choice is yours! Features: + Supports both Lock Screen and Widgets + Highly customizable +...

  • My Lists To Do Notes Memo GTD




    MyLists is a super simple app to really Get Things done - GTD! You can do it all - To-Do Lists, Shopping Lists, Notes and more! App is built to make it an absolutely useful app for your daily use! Features: + To-Do Lists, GTD, Shopping Lists, Notepad / Memo style Notes Support. + Add Color...

  • Ring Back Data Tone Lite




    This is the FREE version! Still listening to old boring TRING TRING, Switch to Ring Back Data! It is an equivalent of popular Ring Back Tone Service in the data world. A user can enjoy the service both while making a call and while receiving a call. Whenever one makes or receives a call, a user...

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