• Age Calculator




    This app gives Age in Years , Months , Days , Weeks , Minutes , Seconds and Millseconds and it tells the day of the week on which you were born. It gives interesting facts about the person based on the date of birth.

  • Complete Financial Calculator




    This app helps the user to calculate all finance related calculations, such as :General Finance Formulas, Annuity - Future Value, Annuity - Present Value, Avg Collection Period,Annuity - PV Factor, Annuity Due - Present Value, Annuity Due - Future Value, Doubling Time, Doubling Time - Cont....

  • Simple-Compound-EMI Calculator




    This is a Calculator which helps the user to calculate simple interest, compound interest and EMI. The calculations supported are "simple interest calculator", "compound interest calculator", "EMI Calculator", "EMI", "SI", "CI"

  • Make Your Santa




    This app allows you to make anyone as Santa.Just click the picture and change the face with multiple Santa face option. You can save the modified picture and also share with others using various option (MMS,Gmail,Mail,Twitter,Facebook etc). This is fun application so lets get started. How to...

  • Puja Aarti Vrat Katha




    This app is a religious app. It contains Aarti, Vrat Katha, Festival Katha, Satyanarayan katha, Ekadashi Vrat Katha among other kathas as well. You can listen aartis also. This app will be useful for perfroming prayers (puja) for Hindus.

  • ARFCN Calculator




    This app is useful for the telecom professionals working on GSM, UMTS or LTE technology. One can convert ARFCN to frequency across multiple bands for both FDD and TDD. This can be useful for Testing and configuring the Frequency bands.

  • Make A Wish To Santa




    This application is animated application for Christmas. Kids can send their secret wish to Santa Claus. The Jingle Bell Christmas song is played melodiously. Note for Parents: The wish sent by the kids will be stored as draft SMS "For Santa" in the Messaging App.

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