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  • Jumpy Dragon Bird

    Jumpy Dragon Bird




    A different take on Flappy bird game. Control a dragon with tiny wings and avoid to clash with obstacles coming in his path. Collect more coins and score more.

  • Blast Them All

    Blast Them All




    Blast Them All!! bring the best of adventurous action in the palm of your hand. You are a soldier with the duty to defend your home turf against invading balls. Stop them from reaching the goal by shooting balls at them. Mix and match to get 2,3,4 Ups to get higher scores Go on a fun filled...

  • Sahih Muslim

    Sahih Muslim




    Sahih Muslim is one of the Six major collections of the hadith in Sunni Islam, oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. It is the second most authentic hadith collection according to Sunni Muslims. It was collected by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, also known as...

  • Sahih Bukhari

    Sahih Bukhari




    The Sahih al-Bukhari is one of the six major hadith collections of Sunni Islam. These prophetic traditions were collected by the Muslim scholar Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari (810-870) and published during his lifetime. Most Sunni Muslims view this as their most trusted collection of hadiths.

  • Hadiths-e-Qudsi





    Collection of famous forty qudsi hadiths from different sources. Hadiths are sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad(PBUM), while qudsi hadiths are type of hadiths that are attributed to God. This ebook is being presented with the hope that it will help everyone understand Islam better.

  • Hadiths-e-Nawawi





    Translation of famous collection of 40 Hadiths (sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) by Imam Nawawi. Imam Nawawi was a renowned scholar, famous for writing commentary of Sahih Muslim. This ebook is presented with the hope that it will help everyone understand Islam better.

  • Art Of War

    Art Of War




    Art of War by Sun Tzu is widely read book on military strategy and tactics. It is popular in strategists from all spheres of life involving stategy formulation, including Business. This is an effort to help businessmen and entrepreneurs understand and use it in context of business management and...

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