Aravind K

  • Power Menu




    I wanted a one click method of going to download and/or recovery mode on my phone, So figured I'll write my own application to do so. Options provided: Reboot: Restarts the phone. Recovery: Restarts the phone into recovery. Download: Restart the phone in download mode. Bootloader:...

  • Slate 2.0




    Slates were used as an educational tool for learning the alphabet, numbers and drawing. This app lets you use your finger to trace on the screen just like a Slate.Another use of this application is for kids to use it for finger painting.

  • Whip




    Shake The Phone or Click The "Refresh" to make the whip sound. Play whip crack sounds by moving your phone or clicking on "refresh" . As seen on "THE BIG BANG THEORY" tv show!

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