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Tiki Kart 3D

Extreme 3D Kart Racing, take complete control over the vehicle! Extreme physics, speed, crashes, weapons and more! Tiki Bobby has been making friends, enemies, and has even contacted some old buddies from way back, and they have decided to go racing! From the depths of the volcano there has emerged some of the zaniest vehicles one could imagine.…

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Download Steampunk Racing 3D Steampunk Racing 3D icon
Steampunk Racing 3D

Don't just race...ANNIHILATE! In the realm of steampunk racing domination and destruction is a way of life. Each day we risk death for the rewards and thrills of our chosen path. We are the racers, the heroes of our war torn world. Our vehicles shield us, our weaponry brings forth our vengeance, the world is our playground, and the corpora…

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Download Tiki Golf 3D FREE Tiki Golf 3D FREE icon
Tiki Golf 3D FREE

Insane Mini Golf in full 3D! Ramps, mega power boosts, moving platform bongos, giant dartboard targets, huge hammers, loop-de-loops, pipes, pineapples and more! Exotic vibrant courses that have the iconic mini golf appeal but feel more like water park rides than typical putt courses. Multiple play modes that keep you coming back for more. "Ti…

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Download 3D Magic Words FREE 3D Magic Words FREE icon
3D Magic Words FREE

Free Complete Game Conjure up some fun with 3D Magic Words! Reveal all the words that you can before time runs out. There are two modes of play, thousands of levels, time bonuses, and hints. Who will levitate to the top of the scoreboard? Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, you won't want to miss this addicting word game! • Fun and co…

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Download Tiki Golf Adventure Island Tiki Golf Adventure Island icon
Tiki Golf Adventure Island

Tiki Golf 2 redefines extreme minigolf! Tiki Bobby is back and He has brought friends! 6 Playable Tikis! bunches unlockable secret clubs, golf balls and abilities! Ramps, mega power boosts, giant dartboard targets, huge hammers, loop-de-loops, pipes, pineapples, massive tiki totems and more! Exotic vibrant courses that have the iconic mini golf ap…

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Download 3D Bio Ball 3D Bio Ball icon
3D Bio Ball

What has 109 action puzzle like platforms, cannon travel, invulnerable rampages, secret areas, coins and bolts just lying around with a bit of RPG element mixed in !? 3D Bio Ball! Control the world with Bio Ball Technology and navigate through worlds of jump pads, speed boosts, earthquakes, falling floors, light switches, bombs, upgrade shops, flo…

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Download 360 Carnival Shooter FREE 360 Carnival Shooter FREE icon
360 Carnival Shooter FREE

Step right up! 360 Carnival Shooter in 3D! Fast paced action in 6 different environments in 360 degrees of action. We got all the crazies, Mad Clowns, Monkeys, Tikis, Space Aliens, Natives, Ferris Wheels, Flying stars, Bats, Skeletons, Ghosts, Birds, Balloons, Spiders, Bunnies, Bottles, Hats, Flying Clocks, Bonus Multipliers and more! Win trophies…

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Download Magic Words 2 Magic Words 2 icon
Magic Words 2

A Magically beautiful, stylish 3D word game! The long awaited sequel to the classic 3D Magic Words on mobile has finally arrived! Easy to play as 2D word-games! But behold as beautiful animated scenes in 3D will come to life as you stack combos of words together! MAGICAL WORDS 2 FEATURES - Beautiful all new themes! - All new magical abilities…

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Download BlastABall FREE BlastABall FREE icon
BlastABall FREE

Its the Tiki Volcano Games again and time for one of our favorite events... drum-roll... BlastABall ! This is the first installment of Tiki Volcano Games in a long line of planned events. Load your cannon up with powder and Boom Kapow or whatever! Use strategy with your trajectory to destroy as many targets as possible, unlock 30 new areas, earn…

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Download Word Avalanche FREE Word Avalanche FREE icon
Word Avalanche FREE

A unique intelligent word game and avalanche of fun combined... You have angered the mountain and guess what? It is sending avalanches of letters to bury you! Boulders tumbling, rolling and ricocheting off one another. You need to spell your way out! Break boulders by spelling out words before they can block your escape. Watch your head when the…

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